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Op-Ed: Where are people getting their news fix?

By Anne Sewell     Apr 3, 2012 in World
The mainstream media networks are feeling a drop in viewership these days. Where is the average person getting their news? Is the Internet taking over the major reportage and why?
Over the last year, the mainstream media has started experiencing a drop in viewership. According to RT, CNN has had a 50% drop in viewership between March 2011 and March 2012. And Fox News, a 17% drop. Just to be different MSNBC had a 3% increase, but this seems to be unusual in the current trend.
The big news networks appear to be more interested in "entertaining" you these days, rather than "informing" you, with a classic example being the signing of the NDAA and other critical bills by Obama on New Year's Eve and St Patrick's Day.
President Barack Obama visits the Dubliner  an Irish pub in Washington  D.C.  with his Irish cousin ...
President Barack Obama visits the Dubliner, an Irish pub in Washington, D.C., with his Irish cousin, Henry Healy, center, and Ollie Hayes, a pub owner in Moneygall, Ireland, on St. Patrick's Day, Saturday, March 17, 2012
Pete Souza / White House
This critically important and vital news was glossed over by the networks, and you were more likely to find out how Kim Kardassian partied on New Year's Eve, or how Obama enjoyed a Guinness in an Irish pub on St Patrick's Day with his 160,000-times-removed cousin from Ireland. OK, slight exaggeration with the relationship, but you know what I mean.
In other words you are to be entertained and misdirected by the news. Heaven forbid they tell you that you are rapidly losing all your rights to free speech and that the Constitution of the United States doesn't seem to matter anymore.
The mainstream (or as I now like to call it "mainscream") media have their hands tied behind their backs. For the most part they only report what the "powers that be" say they can report. I can imagine many journalists, finding a really great story and almost tearing their hair out because they cannot report it. It must be sheer torture.
Fox News fired a couple of reporters for trying to tell the truth about milk from cows injected with bovine growth hormone. Their editor gave them the task of reporting on the story, which they believed was a vital one and that people needed to know about the health problems caused. But when they were actually ready to do just that, faxes poured in from agro-monster Monsanto saying, "NO, you can't do that!" View the video here if you haven't seen it before. They stood their ground and lost their jobs.
Another example is the recent shooting of 17 villagers in Afghanistan. The world believes that one shooter did it all. Afghani villagers, who heard multiple gunshots think otherwise, and say up to 20 drunk soldiers, laughing their heads off, did the awful deed. But hey, we can't report that, the U.S. military would look bad.
Puerta del Sol  Madrid
Puerta del Sol, Madrid
My personal favorite is the Spanish Revolution or 15m movement. From May 15, 2011, tens of thousands of protesters were camping out in the plazas of all major cities in Spain - they were there for MONTHS. Very much like the Occupy movement is now doing. Did you hear about it? No, of course not. Even people in Spain were unaware for the most part, unless they lived in one of those major cities, or used Facebook or Twitter.
The first time it got any real coverage in the media at all was when the "mossos", riot police in Barcelona, had to remove the protesters from the Plaza de Catalunya, so that the public could watch a football match on the big screens. Far more important of course than people rights! Naughty people holding protests when the big match was on!
If you search for "Spanish Revolution" on the BBC website, you will find two whole articles and one blog. Wow.
However, with the drop in viewership as reported in the video, people do seem to be waking up to the fact that the news isn't actually the news. More people now get their news from reddit, Twitter, Facebook, RT News, PressTV, The Young Turks and other independent and more open-minded news sources on the internet.
Please comment below to let us all know where YOU get your news.
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