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article imageReview: Do we really need yet another film about 9/11?

By Alexander Baron     Apr 2, 2012 in Politics
New York - We know there was a conspiracy on 9/11, but apart from the terrorists who flew the planes and their helpers, were others involved - Israelis and even Americans?
The film 911 and the cover up runs to nearly an hour and a half, and it has a promising beginning, certainly rhetoric-wise, alas the rhetoric is not matched by evidence. The big giveaway is that it shows footage of the Kennedy Assassination.
There is a lot of bluster about the dancing Israelis, were they Mossad agents? Quite likely. Did they have anything to do with the attacks on the Twin Towers? Watch the film, read this report, and ask yourself which is the most credible.
A lot of people - including firefighters - reported other explosions inside the Twin Towers. Does this mean there were bombs? Again, no, it is hardly surprising there should have been other explosions, or at the very least loud noises that could have been explosions after two planes hit two massive skyscrapers. When the Twin Towers fell, it was a surreal scene, almost slow motion, but one thing it most definitely was not, was quiet. Fires, falling masonry, gas and electrical connections...explosions could have been associated with any of these things and more.
There is a fair amount of bad science included in this film.
To be sure, there is also a fair amount of intelligent material, including the proven lies about Bin Laden, but there are two big problems with its thesis, if the entire US media is in the pockets of The Pentagon, why has there been so much skeptical reporting on 9/11 including by FoxNews? And if the Grand Conspiracy is so all-encompassing and all-pervasive, why can't it kill Abū Qatāda?
This Ryan Dawson film appears to have been around for a little while but has just been uploaded to the 12160 website today, April 2. Some might argue that yesterday was a more fitting release date.
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