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article image2012 Internet April Fool's Round-up

By Holly Goodwin     Apr 1, 2012 in Entertainment
Every April Fools day companies with a large web presence get into the spirit of pranking. This is the 2012 April Fool's internet round-up with links to the shenanigans.
Google appears to be innocent at first glance, but every year Google does something. Don't be fooled by its innocent homepage. Here is Google's deviousness, hidden away on YouTube. The video explains that they have neglected the most popular form of entertainment -- the NES , or, the first popular gaming system Nintendo put out in the 80's that many of our readers may still have nostalgia of. To make up for this atrocity, Google has decided to include an option in Google Maps that allows you to view the world in 8-bit format from your NES. Be sure to blow into the cartridge to clear out the dirt so Google Maps can play -- er.. show you?
Google s April Fools day prank of 2012
Google's April Fools day prank of 2012
Google Maps
Google did not find this prank to be good enough, so they made more. The company has announced today that it will be creating a Morse Code app as an alternative to the Android keyboard for those who have chubby fingers and can't just seem to hit less than two buttons at a time.
Like Google, Blizzard, the MMO master and producer of World of Warcraft, has "announced" that they will be making a series of iPhone educational games for younger audiences. This includes a zergling (a non-speaking bug-like alien unit from their Starcraft franchise) teaching your kids how to type zerg noises and The Westfall Trail, a mockery of The Oregon Trail. In the World of Warcraft Westfall is a parched and dying land. Of course, Blizzard has helpfully announced to be careful not to die from dysentery. There is a working "demo" of Zergling Teaches Typing here . Sadly there is no dictionary included to help kids learn to speak zergling.
Blizzard s 2012 April s Fools day prank.
Blizzard's 2012 April's Fools day prank.
Blizzard also decided to play random sounds in World of Warcraft which started exactly at 12:00 A.M. last night. The gamers were quite confused, hearing the noises of vicious monsters while safe in a town, until peering up at the calendar's date. Then it all made sense.
Popular technology website ThinkGeek has announced that there will be a $29.99 Electronic Hungry Hippos for iPad:
Electronic Hungry Hungry Hippos iPad Game is everything you remember about HHH. All four hippos are present and hungry, except this time, the hippos fit over your iPad and the game board is an app!
If you click on "buy" then you earn a randomized demeaning picture!
To be fair, a lot of ThinkGeek's products could potentially always be a prank.
ThinkGeek s 2012 April Fools prank.
ThinkGeek's 2012 April Fools prank.
League of Legends
The most popular MOBA game had to take a hit at its customers because, well, they do mess with their audience at least once a month anyway. Now they just had more of a reason to make a YouTube video to make their fun more realistic.
The prank? League of Legends. IN 3D!
While this seems like it may be a good idea, the company shows they went a bit too far by having the 3D effect tuned far to high to the point of your entire screen being blocked by an individual unit.
Popular Google Chrome add-on called Adblock that blocks all incoming internet ads has just made some new changes. Instead of removing ads, now it just replaces them with pictures of cats.
Adblock s Aprils Fools Day prank of 2012.
Adblock's Aprils Fools Day prank of 2012.
..and yet Google still had a hand in this, even if it wasn't directly involved. We're watching you, Google.
Digital Journal
For the last entry is the most mischievous of all. Our dear Digital Journal as reported that aliens have landed on earth. You can read all about it here.
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