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article imageExtraterrestrials hit Earth, NASA dispatches scientists globally

By Anne Sewell     Apr 1, 2012 in World
In a shocking discovery this morning, huge alien mother ships are hovering over every major city on the planet. The drawback is, you can only see them if you truly believe in extra-terrestrials.
April 1, 2012 will go down as a day in history worldwide: The day they have finally arrived.
Millions of people worldwide believe in extra-terrestrial life, and now they have the absolute proof. If you believe, look up in the skies and you will see these incredible, 1-mile-wide disk-shaped craft. If you do not believe, unfortunately you will not see a thing.
NASA has dispatched research scientists to more than 37 cities across the globe to investigate and make contact. NASA says the extraterrestrials likely come from a 13-billion-year-old planetary system that was recently discovered.
In the meantime, Gizzslep'nar, (see artists's impression on the right) the leader of the group of visitors from the planet Zarktep, has sent a message to the people of Earth via various cable TV outlets, in every language used on our planet:
Greetings, people of the planet Earth, we come in peace. We intend you no harm and only wish to help you.
Gizzslep'nar continued by advising the people of the planet of their plans:
We have been watching this planet for some time now. I am sure you have heard of the many UFO sightings worldwide. Well, now we are here. We wish only to take your leaders. We wish to dissect their brains in an attempt to find out where things went wrong.
He also advised that shortly they will be organizing tours of the mother ships worldwide. An adventure of a lifetime awaits us all.
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