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article imageViral video: 22-month-old 'spidergirl' scales rock-climbing wall

By JohnThomas Didymus     Mar 31, 2012 in Internet
The parents of a 22-month-old captured their toddler on video scaling a climbing wall with astonishing skill. The video shows the toddler in diaper methodically scaling the wall, showing upper body strength defying comprehension for a child that age.
Daily Mail reports the child nicknamed "spidergirl" by viewers, is from Bend, Oregon, U.S.A. The video shows her pulling herself up the wall with studied, adult-like deliberation. She pauses as she progresses to consider her next move. Huffington Post comments with admiration at her skillful maneuvering: "Right foot, left foot, hand over hand...she's completely strategic, even pausing to remove toys that were placed on the wall as obstacles."
The blog Babble suggests the toys might have been placed to motivate the child to climb.
Some viewers on YouTube have criticized the parents allowing a child that young to climb so high above the ground without any safety precautions. This had led some viewers to wonder at the authenticity of the footage. But others point out there could be a cushioned mat on the ground the video does not show. A viewer on YouTube, Dr. Nick, comments: "And seriously people, chill out about the whole 'negligent´╗┐ parents' thing. The kid is clearly capable, has almost certainly done it before (based on the confidence) and the floor looks to be padded in the same way as the floor at my old climbing gym. Those of you who freak out at this will probably have your own kids wrapped in bubble-wrap until they're 20 years old, by which time they won't be able to survive without parental support when things go wrong."
Another viewer on YouTube, Sarmabu, appears to confirm the plausibility of the toddler's performance. Sarmabu says: "My 2-year-old has been doing this for months too. Off course there are safety measures and common sense but he loves it. Agreed - if you disprove (sic) of everything like this your child will be scared of everything. Let loose a little, within reason, and your child will blossom before you and understand safety measures and risk´╗┐ assessment in no time!"
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