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article imageReview: Confessions and deceptions in next week's leading soaps Special

By Alexander Baron     Mar 31, 2012 in Entertainment
A false confession to arson and an inadvertent frame up for murder are only two of the offerings in next week's leading British soap operas.
(Note: This article contains spoilers for those who haven't yet seen these soaps).
Aaron, the Emmerdale mechanic who bats for the opposition, is about to reveal that he understands what love is really all about, and it has nothing whatsoever with doing unmentionable things to other men in the local public toilet. His friend Adam having lost it, torched the garage where the local villain Cain works, with Cain inside. Fortunately, he came to his senses in time, and together with Aaron, he managed to get Cain out, the poor bloke already being incapacitated after having been beaten half to death with an iron bar by his own father.
Somehow, Aaron managed to talk Cain out of telling the authorities what really happened. The reason he would do this is not far to seek, two years ago he attempted suicide by gassing himself to death in the same garage, and it was Adam and Cain who pulled him out.
Now, with the fire investigators and local plod sniffing round, Adam is in the frame for arson and attempted murder, so Aaron decides to return the favour, and hand himself in.
Down south in EastEnders, Phil Mitchell - da local gangster - has covered up for his wayward son's accidental slaying of launderette lady Heather. Ben - who also bats for the opposition - picked up a picture frame in a moment of anger, whacked Heather with it, and she dropped down dead. This would have been manslaughter, but it's too late now. The local plod waded in and arrested Andrew, who was to marry Heather in the morning, but he has now been released. It isn't only the unfortunate Trayvon Martin who wore a hooded sweatshirt. Some special ones were printed in Albert Square for Heather and Andrew's pre-wedding parties; the remains of one that had been burned in the local allotment having been found, it doesn't take Sherlock Holmes to work out that this is evidence complete with bloodstains from the crime scene. It actually belonged to Jay, who was with Ben Mitchell when he clobbered Heather, but the police believe not unreasonably that the person who owned it is the killer. Phil Mitchell has covered for Jay by stealing professional loser Billy Mitchell's shirt. As according to the Digital Spy website, the plod are due to make an arrest at Heather's wake, it doesn't take a Mastermind champion to figure out who will be fingered.
Finally, back up north, having tried - and failed - to start something steamy with the lovely Sunita, Karl, the husband of the local boozer's manageress, stages a break-in and robs the safe to cover his losses in the casino. Unfortunately, although he isn't fingered - yet - the bailiffs turn up, and his wife kicks him out. If she figures out that he has staged the break-in too, she may well call the plod, but probably not the slightly unbalanced pregnant police woman a few doors down who is currently throwing plates at her grease monkey boyfriend.
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