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article imageDad busts party-throwing teen with energy-monitoring app

By Leigh Goessl     Mar 31, 2012 in Technology
Adelaide - One Australian teen did what many teens try to do when their parents are out of town, she threw a party. In spite of her Dad being over 500 miles away from their home in Adelaide, she was still busted, even before he got home.
The incident happened on New Year's Eve, but just recently surfaced in media reports, after David Rowe recently posted about the experience online.
Seems 16-year-old Amy didn't want to travel with her family, and preferred to stay home. She'd told her father she planned to stay at a friend's house.
During his trip, Rowe was concerned about his home, knowing it was hot in Adelaide. A self-proclaimed "power-geek", the electrical engineer decided to check in on his house with the Fluksometer app he'd installed on his Android smartphone and see how things were faring energy-wise.
He was surprised to find a high amount of energy being used despite the house was supposed to be empty. Concerned, he called Amy, who said she was at her friend's but would go home and check.
Rowe writes, "I called my beloved 16 year old daughter Amy to see if she “knew” anything about this phantom power problem. My gut feel[ing] was to call my mother (Amy’s grandmother) and ask her to visit my home but I thought I’d give Amy the benefit of the doubt."
Amy called in a little while later saying the AC and TV were on, but she'd turned them off. Sure enough, the energy levels dropped.
He still felt suspicious but, being so far away, couldn't determine what was exactly going on. It all became clear upon his arrival at home the next day after he'd found bits of party remnants showing a party had occurred the night before.
What did Rowe think about the situation?
He wrote, "Well to be honest I wasn’t very mad, just curious about the mystery. I actually enjoyed the detective work side of guessing what was going on and finding supporting evidence. Bart, the inventor of the Fluksometer, was rolling on the floor laughing when I told him the tale."
Reportedly Amy's friend's were dumbfounded her dad busted her being hundreds of miles away.
One friend said, "You gotta get dumber parents Amy."
As tech evolves and progresses, the ability to detect, track, or monitor information has increased substantially. Secrets are pretty hard to keep these days as evidenced by CCTV, Facebook posts or other digital footprints left behind. Even if snooping is not the original intention for any given device, it's not uncommon to find a cat has still been let out of the proverbial bag.
Want to find out what your kid is up to while you're out of town? It appears there's an app for that, even if that wasn't the app's intention when it was developed.
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