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article imageSending a message to the Phishers

By Alexander Baron     Mar 30, 2012 in Crime
If you receive a suspicious e-mail apparently from a bona fide company, why not trace it and then send the phishers a message?
Check out the screengrab below. This is part of an e-mail I received earlier this week. At first glance, it looks authentic, but of course it isn't. I didn't bother to download and read the attachment, just it case it contained something harmful, but after tracing the message using this well known free service:
it was clear that it was not from Paypal. Like I didn't know that already. If you write for this site, you will have a Paypal account, so don't get caught out. Instead, why not send the phishers a message like I did?
Mostly they will bounce, as this one did, but sometimes these scammers aren't too bright, and a message like this may give them a nasty shock.
A screengrab of an e-mail from a phisher.
A screengrab of an e-mail from a phisher.
Click on the button that shows the full headers of the message, then simply copy and paste in the box provided, and send it back to the phishers with the message of your choice.
A response to a phisher.
A response to a phisher.
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