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article imageOp-Ed: More statistical racism nonsense

By Alexander Baron     Mar 29, 2012 in Politics
A radical website has just published what it would have us believe are some alarming statistics about the true extent of racial bigotry in the American IT industry. As usual though, things aren't quite what they appear.
The Mathaba website used to publish some fine articles and analyses; it still does here and there, but since the overthrow and murder of Colonel Gaddafi it has gone slowly downhill. Its latest contribution is an article called Racism in the United States I.T. Industry which the reader is told is “Something known for a great many years, but almost never mentioned.”
As proof of this terrible bigotry it adduces this chart. Shocking isn't it, of the IT company founders nationally, only 1% are black, or perhaps that should be African-American?
The loony left on both sides of the Atlantic are fond of playing this game, using statistics to prove that the white majority are evil bigots and that society in general wants nothing better than to hold the black man down. But as the man said, there are lies, damned lies and statistics. For example, close to 100% of all rapists are men; does that mean all men are women-hating bigots?
Without discussing taboo subjects like intelligence and aptitude, there is a simple explanation for this apparent dearth of blacks in IT. People are not statistics, and different types of people do different things. The outstanding contribution of the Negro to Western civilisation - yes, it is all right to use that word, but please capitalise it - is music. If one makes an exception for hip-hop - which can hardly be called music, there is jazz - the original American artform - blues, boogie woogie, soul, funk, reggae...even rock, which is overwhelmingly white, owes much to black musicians. It was John Lennon no less who said that if rock 'n' roll had another name it should be Chuck Berry.
Some of the highest paid musicians, performers and renowned songwriters in the world are black. Look at the outpouring of grief over the recent death of Whitney Houston.
There are other fields in which blacks are well represented: mainstream media and of course sports to give but two examples. Why then is it so terrible that so few work in IT?
Are the massive contribution of Bill Gates and the innovation of Steve Jobs to be viewed as sinful? And Mark Zuckerberg's world dominating Facebook - uh, oh, not everyone regards him as white - is that something of which Americans should be ashamed?
Perhaps the most surprising thing about these statistics is the 12% of Asians. As Asians make up considerably less than 12% of the American population, how does one explain their extraordinary success? One thing not mentioned here is the percentage of women in IT, there are not a few, but how many IT companies have been founded by women?
The chart claims that not only is the IT industry growing faster than ever, but that black unemployment is the highest it has been in 27 years. Don't they realise there is no such thing as unemployment? Gentlemen, meet Major Douglas.
So what is the solution? There is no solution because there is no problem, at least not in IT.
One industry where blacks are not in short supply is the penal system; the proportion of blacks interned in America is staggering, but this is not due to racism either. Leaving aside the likes of the recently convicted Shawn Tyson, many if not most of those interned are members of the underclass and/or drug users/dealers. The prisons in America and elsewhere could be emptied virtually overnight if our governments would do what needs to be done, totally decriminalise all recreational drugs: marijuana, heroin, crack cocaine, the lot. If on top of that, our governments would take the power to create credit away from the unelected banking cartel and institute a Basic Income for all, so that those who can't earn a living wage in our highly technologically advanced society are freed from both extreme poverty and the tyranny of means-tested benefits, the chimera of statistical racism would disappear, and the underclass - black and white - with it.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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