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Tennis champ asks umpire to eject his father from match

By Leigh Goessl     Mar 28, 2012 in Sports
Miami - Australia's topped ranked tennis champ is making headlines due to a verbal exchange caught on video at a match this past weekend in Miami.
At the weekend match, 19-year-old Bernard Tomic became highly frustrated with his father's attitude during a tennis match, to the point where he asked tennis authorities to make his father leave.
Before this point, game commentators had noted John Tomic's negativity and head shaking as his son played the match. It wasn't too long afterward that Bernard Tomic approached the chair umpire and had a verbal exchange that has attracted attention.
"He's annoying - I know he's my father - but he's annoying me," Tomic says to umpire Cedric Mourier. "I want him to leave but how's that possible?"
Mourier replied, "If you tell him to leave."
"It's not gonna happen. If you see him [coaching]", tell him to be quiet."
Mourier, "He [the father] knows already. I caught him already." Next, Mourier issues a code violation warning for illegal coaching, to which the younger Tomic says, "thanks."
According to Australia's Daily Telegraph, after the match, Tomic denied a clash with his father, saying he was pointing his racquet because he'd wanted it restrung.
"There's no problem, I just wanted my racquets restrung," Tomic said, reported the Daily Telegraph. "There's nothing in it."
However, the video clearly shows otherwise.
This is not the first clash with Tomic's father, who has served as coach for his son, another aspect commentators had brought up before the exchange between Tomic and Mourier. According to Deadspin, the senior Tomic ordered Bernard off the court in 2009 which led to his son's suspension from International Tennis Federation (ITF) tournaments.
Despite the clashes, many give credit to the elder Tomic for his son's success in the sport. Bernard Tomic is the 36th-ranked men's tennis player in the world.
LA Times reported Tomic ended up losing the weekend's match against David Ferrer, 6-4, 6-4.
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