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article imageOp-Ed: Trayvon Martin — The smears continue

By Alexander Baron     Mar 27, 2012 in Crime
Sanford - A coma patient awaking from a month long slumber might think Trayvon Martin was a murderer rather than a potential murder victim, if he read a certain British newspaper.
Before Whitney Houston was buried, her name was being besmirched by the London Daily Mail, and the paper does have something of a history for sensationalism, so it should perhaps come as no surprise that it appears to be championing the case of George Zimmerman. Fair enough, innocent until proven guilty, but it is one thing to defend a man who may yet face felony charges, it is quite another to spit on the dead in order to do so. And to throw innuendo at his mother is beneath contempt.
The latest offering from the Mail is Trayvon's mother trademarks his name as merchandise hits stands throughout Florida, implying that she is cashing in on his name. Or maybe she just wants to protect it from exploitation? Recently, universities were reported to be buying up the new .xxx domain suffixes. Why? Because this new suffix has been designated for adult (pornographic) sites, and they don't want their names associated with such filth. Trayvon Martin's mother, Sabrina Fulton, is clearly trying to prevent her son's name from being associated with a different kind of filth.
Earlier today, the Mail published another story which makes a number of other claims about the victim - let's not forget that, the victim. Whether or not he had been suspended from school, or anything else, he was shot dead, unarmed.
Refer to previous article for a fuller analysis, but here is a simple question for all Daily Mail and any other tabloid journalists. If you were spying on an underage girl like Charlotte Church as revealed at the Leveson Inquiry, trespassing with camera in hand - which in the dark could be mistaken for a gun - and you were shot dead by a vigilante, as you looked down from your cloud (no, not really!) wouldn't you expect at the very least the person who shot you to be arrested, the area to be cordoned off as a crime scene, the suspect to be carted away to the nearest police station and grilled under caution, and for an inquest to be held? Wouldn't your loved ones want, expect and be entitled to this, without having your name dragged through the mud, whatever you had or were alleged (big word) to have done?
Of course you and they would. Nuff said!
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