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article imageOp-Ed: Gaddafi wanted dead so secrets would die with him

By Katerina Nikolas     Mar 27, 2012 in World
Tripoli - The hypocrisy of Libya's NTC head is astounding. Mahmoud Jibril, former minister in the Gaddafi regime, claims he wishes Gaddafi had been taken alive to stand trial.
He maintains he has no idea who is responsible for the former leader's death but told RT many people wanted him dead so his secrets would die with him. He said "Too many parties who have real interests that Gaddafi doesn’t talk, that he should be silenced forever."
The potential parties whose self interest would be served by seeing Gaddafi's secrets buried with him is too long to list in full, but Jibril himself isn't far from the top. According to US cables he was working against the Gaddafi regime from the inside to “pave the way for the privatisation of Libya’s economy and welcomed American companies" long before there was any hint of a rebellion in Benghazi. According to Rebel Griot, US officials were "positively ecstatic" with Jibril when they met him in 2009 as he was so malleable to US interests. Of course it would be against US interests and Jibril's own as head of the NTC, if it was common knowledge that the Libyan civil war was a planned event rather than a convenient part of the Arab Spring.
How does that become Gaddafi's secret? Well right from the beginning of the Libyan unrest Gaddafi was adamant that al-Qaeda extremists were involved, even though such a notion was scoffed at in the media. Yet one of the winners in Gaddafi's death was the former head of the Libyan Islamaic Fighting Group, Abdel Hakim Belhaj, who was previously on the U.S. terror list and the subject of an illegal rendition to Libya orchestrated by the CIA and M16. Gaddafi's death conveniently buried the fact that former wanted terrrorists were working hand in hand with NATO powers in their efforts to not only overthrow but kill Gaddafi, once again before any Arab Spring connection could be dreamed up.
Others with a vested interest in not too much publicity being raised over the Belhaj-West-Qatar connection include Tony Blair, Hillary Clinton, and government officials on both sides of the pond who were complicit in reverting to arming al Qaeda members when it suited their own interests again, in spite of the on-going war on terror.
French President Nikolas Sarkozy had a few issues with Muammar Gaddafi too. At the very least he wasn't too keen on Gaddafi's claims that he had helped to finance his presidential election campaign. Of course it could be coincidence that French fighter planes were involved in targeting the Gaddafi convoy that tried to slip out of Sirte at dawn on the morning of Gaddafi's death, apparently waving white flags of surrender. Sarkozy was not alone in the NATO alliance that flouted international law in attacking the convoy: others equally complicit were President Obama and David Cameron.
Gaddafi’s murder is now fading into the background, with promises by the NTC leadership that those responsible would be brought to justice revealed as just empty promises. Self interest was served in the murder of Gaddafi, but the world has been deprived of the delicious secrets he could have revealed which would no doubt have brought embarrassment and derision down on the heads of many.
For Jibril to claim he has no idea who was responsible for Gaddafi’s death just highlights his lack of credibility, whilst reminding the world of his ineptitude in dealing with the myriad of human rights violations committed under the watch of the NTC. Gaddafi’s murder set a precedent for the type of society the new victors of Libya are prepared to tolerate.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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