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article imageAnti-war in Iran protests hit UK and Israel

By Anne Sewell     Mar 25, 2012 in World
UK activists held a day of action to speak out against war with Iran. Hundreds marched in Tel Aviv protesting the possible war.
Further to a Digital Journal report on anti-war protests in the United Kingdom and Israel, more information has now come to light.
"Stop the War Coalition" activists in the United Kingdom held a day of action against the possibility of war in Iran and took to the streets in 15 major cities. Hundreds of people also took to the streets in Tel Aviv, Israel on Saturday, protesting the threat of war.
The activists say that the United States has always been "tempted to use its overwhelming military strength" to make up for its economic decline, especially in the current crisis.
They further say: “This means that the target is shifting to Iran and Syria. There are continual calls for intervention in Syria, and the war of words with Iran continually threatens to boil over into a war of aircraft carriers and bombs in the Straits of Hormuz.”
“Just as we're winding down the disastrous and unnecessary war in Iraq, the very same people who misled our nation into invading Iraq are now saying that now we need to attack Iran,” they say.
Tel Aviv, Israel:
In Israel, hundreds of anti-war activists marched in Tel Aviv, warning the authorities against the potential attack on Iran.
They started at Habima Square in Tel Aviv, and then made their way to Meir Park.
Anti-war protests in Tel-Aviv  Israel.
Anti-war protests in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
Screen capture - RT video
The activists in Israel are concerned that mounting pressure could escalate into an all-out war. They say that the effects of this would be felt worldwide.
Tel Aviv activists say that they were inspired by a recent Facebook campaign, in which large numbers of Iranian and Israeli citizens have united in their mutual opposition to the war between their countries. However, the owners of the Facebook page say that they had nothing to do with the Tel Aviv Protest, according to the Israel newspaper, Haaretz.
The Facebook campaign was started by graphic designer Ronny Edry and his wife, Michal Tamir. Their page can be viewed here. It all started when they uploaded a poster on to the page which showed Edry and his daughter, and read, "Iranians, we will never bomb your country, we [heart] you." The Facebook page has since been "liked" by 39,094 persons.
This sparked a similar campaign from Iran's side, "Iran Loves Israel" which can be viewed here.
In Tel Aviv on Saturday, protest marchers held signs reading "No to War with Iran," and "Talks, not Bombs," as well as “No to pre-emptive suicide.”
According to recent polls, around 58% of Israeli citizens are against the military strike on Iran, reports RT's Paula Slier from Tel Aviv.
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