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article imageTitanic film says it was sister ship that sank in insurance scam

By Marcus Hondro     Mar 25, 2012 in World
Approaching the 100 year anniversary of the sinking of the R.M.S. Titanic in the world's most famous maritime disaster, a new documentary has a different spin on the tragedy. The film, 'Titanic – The Shocking Story', says the whole thing was planned.
It's a 52 minute documentary that must be seen to be believed, and even then many will find the story too incredulous. But at its heart the film simply says the Titanic's sister ship, the Olympic, was the ship that went down.
The claim is that the Olympic was switched with the Titanic because the Olympic was damaged - in the same part of the hull where the iceberg would hit the ship that went down April 15, 1912 - and insurance did not cover the damage. The company, White Star Line, couldn't afford repairs so they planned a sinking, took out extra insurance on the Titanic and made the switch. Their plan would see them make millions and keep the best of the two ships.
The Sinking of the...R.M.S. Olympic?
Firefly films of the U.K. is behind the documentary, though the notion of the switch and a massive cover-up has been around for years and did not originate with them. There is evidence presented in the film but much of it seems circumstantial or unsubstantiated and no official investigation into the claims has ever been launched. The documentary, according to one of the men behind it, did not have far to look to find its content.
“Information we used is in essence material that is in the public domain and a matter of public record," filmmaker David Davenport was quoted as saying by the Express in England.
The plan, according to the documentary, was to sink the damaged Olympic, which was capable of sailing but would not pass its next inspection, after switching it with the ship it had been built next to, the Titanic. The sinking was to take place at a predestined location in the North Atlantic where another ship, the Californian, would lie in wait to save everyone. It went wrong when the ship hit an iceberg 12 miles before reaching the point it was supposed to be sunk at and the Californian was not informed in time to get to the 'Olympic' before she went down.
Government part of Titanic Cover-up
There was a government cover-up, the film says, agreed to because the government wanted to use White Star Line ships during the coming war. Some crew members knew of the scheme and signed secrecy agreements; other claims include shipyard workers being paid to paint over each ship's name with that of the other, and similar changes in lifeboats and other items. Pictures of the liner that sunk taken at the site in 2006 reportedly show the letters M and P engraved on the hull where letters of the 'Titanic' nameplate had fallen off.
Conspiracy ideas abound in 'Titanic - The Shocking Story' and it all adds up to what would be the biggest cover-up of a maritime crime in history. If, of course, it's true. You'll be able to judge for yourself whether the documentary holds water when it comes out on DVD on March 26.
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