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article imageLatest in iPad heat controversy? Use it to warm your coffee

By Abigail Prendergast     Mar 24, 2012 in Technology
An app maker has decided to mockingly cash in on the controversy surrounding the iPad's issues with overheating. It is called HotPad, an application that can keep your coffee warm, if you're willing to risk putting it on your $500 device that is.
Just about everybody has been dealt the cooled coffee hand; the highly caffeinated morning beverage sitting in its pot after the heat is turned off and loses its piping hot goodness awaiting its sugar and half and half. Unfortunately, a task as simple as nuking the mug in the microwave for 30-45 seconds can seem ever so daunting at times. Well, there is good news for all the lazy coffee gluttons out there, and it comes in the form of nothing other than an iPad application.
According to Mashable Tech, the new "HotPad" app literally heats up your iPad via a technique known as overclocking. This method consists of tweaking the properties of technological components - in this case, the iPad's central processing unit (CPU) - in order to enhance system performance by speeding up its clock rate, hence the term.
The process of overclocking increases levels of power consumption, thus causing the component in question (usually a computer's processor) to generate higher amounts of heat. With that said, once the iPad is warm enough, the app displays coils on the screen which signal that the cup of coffee is ready to be placed on the device.
Now who in the world would risk that God-forsaken coffee ring on their iPad screen? The answer is of course, unless you're a simpleton, nobody. The fact of the matter is that the company behind HotPad, the Primary Coffee Company, were more or less making a bon mot-oriented statement with the app. It was essentially a joking, albeit not terribly cryptic, reference to the controversy surrounding the latest model iPad's knack for overheating.
Whether the supposed issue of iPad reaching temperatures to high for comfort is warranted is, in fact, questionable. Every electronic device gets increased heat when it is used at times; that's more or less how they're designed.
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