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article imageOp-Ed: Will Think Televisual Network change the way we access our news?

By Mindy Peterman     Apr 1, 2012 in Technology
The creators of Think Televisual Network have hopes their creation will be the new standard for how we get our news in the digital age.
When technology proves itself ready for new and innovative ideas, you can bet industry mavericks will be instrumental in designing them. Such is the case with communication innovators Steven Saslow, Lee Abrams, and Brandon Davis, who have, according to their press release, come up with a “dramatic reinvention of television news”. They’ve dubbed it the Think TeleVisual Network.
This self-funded, joint venture is set to change the way we’ve been used to getting our up-to-the-minute information. The idea is to “present one unified televisual experience across every device category”.
According to Saslow, “Think will be to digital what CNN was to cable in its inception, but with content created for the way people are receiving information in a device-driven age. TV used to be the only place with enough bandwidth to view film and video, but now people can access things digitally, and immediately, everywhere.  TV news presentation, however, hasn’t been updated since the mid-1980s—we’re committed to changing that.  Think programming will be compatible with the full range of digital screens that people use, and for the changing realities of how people are consuming media in 2012 and beyond.” 
It sounds promising and since Abrams, Saslow, and Davis have proven track records in the communications field, Think has the potential to be revolutionary. Abrams was XM satellite radio’s first employee in 1998, and eventually became the company’s Chief Programming Officer. More recently he was The Tribune Company’s Chief Innovation Officer where he was “responsible for helping re-invent the company’s scores of TV stations, cable channels and newspapers.” Saslow founded SJS Entertainment Corporation, which produced and sold network radio programming and services and live concert programming and events. He created the first interactive music service 1-800-MUSICNOW. Davis is an entertainment lawyer with thirty years of experience in the field.
It is expected that advertisers will embrace Think’s concept since “for the first time, a single buy will have reach across all digital platforms.”
“This has never been done before. Advertisers have had to place individual buys for each tier, as many as four—broadcast, cable, interactive, mobile.  That’s not they want,” says Saslow.  “Think is going to present news for the iPad generation, targeting people that have come of age in the digital era. Such convergence failed in the past because the technology and bandwidth just weren’t there, but that’s no longer an issue. Now, advertisers can reach audiences regardless of screen size and place—they don’t care what people watch an ad on, as long as they get it enough times to make a difference.”
The main goal of Think? To provide information when you want it and where you want it in a unique way. “News and information is what is steering our 21st century America, the equivalent of what rock ‘n roll was forty years ago,” says Abrams.  “Think will merge this passion for information, knowledge, and insight with the revolution in technology to create an interactive multimedia experience that will redefine how people are informed and enlightened.”
The network is set to launch in 2012. Stay tuned.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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