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article imageHuman fetuses found in luggages of two women at Miami airport

By JohnThomas Didymus     Mar 23, 2012 in World
Miami - Officials at the Miami International Airport found two human fetuses in the luggage of two women returning to the U.S. from Cuba. The first fetus was found in a sealed jar after it was X-rayed. The second fetus was found when a second jar was opened.
The fetuses were found on January 30 in the luggage of two Cuban American women, one of them in her 60s, the other in her 70s. AP reports that a medical examiner confirmed that the contents of the jar were human fetuses, one female, the other male. According to the examiner, the fetuses were still born at about 20 weeks.
AP reports no charges were brought against the women as no foul play was suspected. The women explained to the authorities that the jars were given to them by a Babaalawo ("divination priest") of the Santeria in Havana who asked them to deliver them to someone in Miami, presumably for Santeria-related religious ritual. They claimed that the priest did not tell them of its contents and they did not explain why they did not inquire about the contents before agreeing to act as couriers.
Miami Herald reports the fetuses were found during the shooting of a reality-TV footage at the Miami International Airport. Miami-Dade Police Department (MDPD) spokesman Roy Rutland, said the TV crews who filmed the incident have indicated they may not air it on their upcoming TV show because of "its gruesome nature."
According to Miami Herald, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents could not find any crime charges to bring against the women, so they passed the case to the Miami-Dade homicide squad. Miami-Dade Police investigators passed the evidence and forensic reports to the state attorney’s office and decision was taken not to pursue charges.
Santeria devotees at  Cajon de Muertos  ceremony in Cuba
Santeria devotees at "Cajon de Muertos" ceremony in Cuba
Jorge Royan
Huffington Post reports the case is the latest in a series of Santeria-related incidents in Miami: Two Miami Beach Police employees were dismissed after allegations that they were involved in a "voodoo" plot against the city manager. In another case, it was alleged that thousands of Giant African Land snails infesting some areas in Miami were brought in for Santeria-related religious purposes. Recent acts of desecration of infant graves have also been blamed on Santeria-related rituals.
Santeria religion ("Candomble" in Brazil), also known as Regla de Ocha (Yoruba: Orisa), La Regla Lucumi or simply Lukumi ("Lukumi" is a term for the dialect of the Nigerian Yoruba language used mostly as liturgical language in the Santeria) is a syncretic system consisting of survivals of West African religion, especially the religious traditions of the Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria, among mainly Catholic people of the slavery diaspora in the Caribbean. The religious beliefs involve placating spiritual forces of nature with elaborate sacrificial rituals using food items and animals as prescribed by the Babaalawo who conducts divination and ritual sacrifices on behalf of his clients. Occasionally, human sacrifice is required and a new born child or better still a fetus (Yoruba: Oole) may be prescribed as most potent for placating the powerful spiritual forces or for making charm concoctions.
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