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article imageMan calls 911 to make his wife go to bed so he can view Facebook

By Nicole Byerly     Mar 23, 2012 in Odd News
Doyle Hardwick, 57, was sitting at home trying to browse through Facebook, but his wife would not leave him alone. Hardwick then called 911 in order to seek some assistance.
When the 911 operator answered the phone, he begged for assistance because his wife would not leave him alone. He told the operator that his wife said she would go to sleep if he let her drink beer, but she finished her drinks and didn’t go to bed.
Doyle Hardwick and his 54-year-old wife Julie, then began bickering about who drank all the beer. Doyle said he drank four and his wife drank eight, and the two continued to argue as he pleaded with the operator to make his wife go to bed so he can “browse Facebook peacefully.”
When the Pasco Police Officer arrived, Julie Hardwick greeted him at the door.The officer asked Doyle to come outside and speak with him, as he explained “I want someone to make my wife do what I want her to do!” but explained that she was sitting next to him, and he did not want her to. Mrs. Hardwick explained that she sat next to him because she didn’t want to sit anywhere else.
Doyle Hardwick was sentenced to 60 days in prison for misuse of 911. Hardwick plead "no contest" for the same crime in 2010 and was sentenced to ten days in jail.
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