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article imageReview: Death and dog attacks in and out of soapland

By Alexander Baron     Mar 23, 2012 in Entertainment
A former soap actor is convicted of complicity in a murder, and five police officers are savaged by a dog in Albert Square. You couldn't make it up, and this time, they didn't.
The murders of rapist Frank Foster in Coronation Street and launderette lady Heather Trott in EastEnders have turned out to be rather damp squibs. Frank was battered over the head with a bottle by his own mother in a moment of madness, while teenage dirtbag Ben Mitchell clobbered Heather with a picture frame and she dropped dead. There was a twist or three to this latter though, Heather was killed on the eve of her wedding, on Ben's 16th birthday - which means if he is brought to book he can be tried as an adult - and on the day his dear old Dad was released from prison. In fact, as permanently recovering alcoholic Phil Mitchell walked through the door he found Ben leaning over Heather's body, having draped a cloth over her head. It was a little ironic though that Phil was only in gaol because his tearaway son had fitted him up for a murder that never happened, but for Walford's answer to Don Corleone, family is da most important fing, en it? So Phil sets about dutifully covering up for him, but the finger of suspicion is pointed in an entirely different direction anyway, as Heather's husband-to-be is put squarely in the frame.
Not a lot is happening in Emmerdale at the moment, apart from the odd spot of arson, but an actor who once starred in a lesser known UK soap, Brookside, is now behind bars for real. Brian Regan is yet another showbiz type to fall for the lure of cocaine. You can read all about his downfall here, including how he stood trial for murder. Some would say he was lucky to beat the rap, but hopefully while he is serving his five year stretch on lesser charges he will be able to do something about his addiction.
Finally, there may be an Albert Square in Walford, but there is a real one in London, not far from where the mythical one is located. Yesterday, police officers raiding a house in connection with a London-wide operation got more than they bargained for when a pit bull type dog attacked and injured no less than five of them. It took some time to subdue the animal, and it had to be shot. Now perhaps the government will finally do something to purge these creature from our streets. Dogs that is, not police.
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