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article imageMeryl Streep scores Oscar as Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady Special

By Earl Dittman     Mar 20, 2012 in Entertainment
In The Iron Lady, Meryl Streep portrays the formerly well-loved (by the Conservatives) and equally-disliked (by the 70s "punks") British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. Maggie thrived in UK politics by sticking to her motto - Never compromise.
The Iron Lady is a surprising and intimate portrait of Margaret Thatcher, England's most tough and tenacious female Prime Minister of The United Kingdom. She would become one of tne 20th century's most famous and influential women, Thatcher came from nowhere to smash through barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male dominated world. A hit across the globe, the motion picture, The Iron Lady takes a look back through a now elderly Thatcher's career, through her own eyes and her remembrances of her deceased husband, Denis Thatcher (Jim Broadbent), while packing away his old clothes and belongings. Maggie often called Denis her rock when she first decided to find and win a seat in Parliament. But her success didn't stop there. When she joined the directorial elections for the leadership of the Conservative Party, it would culminate in her eventual premiereship.
On this early Sunday brunchtime, looking incredibly like a much younger, hipper Maggie Thatcher, Meryl explains what she had to go through each day and the hours on the set it took to look like Maggie.Thatcher, Streep, as a mother, explains how she related to Thatcher, she gives her own views on woman in politics, admits if it is easier portraying a real person that was once alive or is it more freeing completely portraying a fictional character and explains the amount of research that she went through to play Thatcher, talks about the make-up she wore for the role of Julia Child versus Margaret Thatcher, and thinks back to her days in the theater and how it prepared her for films. Meryl, who garnered her third Academy Award performance for her brilliant performance, comments on being considered a gay icon and she explains what it was like working with Mamma Mia costar Phyllida Lloyd again in The Iron Lady.
Meryl Streep wins another Academy Award for her portrayal of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatche...
Meryl Streep wins another Academy Award for her portrayal of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher
Anchor Bay /Starz
Meryl, I understand you spent like four hours or five hours a day with the makeup for Margaret Thatcher.
"No, no, no. We got it down to under two."
I wonder if you ever worried though with a character who is in so much makeup like that if it will obscure your performance, or conversely be the performance.
"Interestingly, in the process of developing the older Margaret we ended up taking away, taking away, taking away. There were certain elements that the genius prosthetics designer, Mark Coulier, was able to achieve. He created something that was tissue-thin so that I felt very free and I felt like I was looking at a member of my family, if not me, and so it actually made acting easier."
How did your background in theater enhance your experience in this particular film?
"I think for me to imagine myself in different ways comes from my beginnings in the theater. People are more accepting of when you go apparently wildly afield from who you are or where you brought up. Otherwise, I would always play people from New Jersey, which limits the career. So yes, I felt like I had freedom to try to step into these very small, tight, big shoes."
On the campaign trail...
On the campaign trail...
Anchor Bay/Starz
Could you tell me how did you relate to Margaret Thatcher being a mother yourself?
"Well, I got in inkling, I have an inkling of the size of the day that she fulfilled. I looked at her daily calendar and I tried to imagine that. I’m a mother and I work in spurts throughout my career, so I’d work for four or five months and then not, so I was home a lot. And I tried to imagine 11 ½ years of this kind of, you know she was unhappy if there were 10 minutes of free time anywhere in her day that was wasted, wasted time. And so I imagined trying to be in the lives of your children to the degree that I try to be in their lives, and I think it would have been very difficult."
Gay men obviously love strong women like yourself, and Margaret Thatcher was a fierce lady. It’s been said that she would be a gay icon. What do you think? Do you think she has what it takes to be a gay icon?
"You know, I don’t know. I just recently found out I’m a gay icon from that show where they do little arias from all my movies. I haven’t gotten up the nerve to go. I don’t know. I think that she stirs very strong feelings, even today, 20 years after leaving power, and she remains divisive. The film will enter a landscape of a world where she continues to cause controversy. I can’t answer the question about whether she’s a gay icon. That’s a difficult one for me."
You said you admire the fact that Margaret Thatcher was unafraid to lead and knew how to lead. Yet, that seems to be so hard for more women than men, especially in politics. Can you comment on that?
"Well, I’m in awe of the sort of all the things that were arrayed against her succeeding to get to the top of her party and then to lead the country, and to be the longest serving prime minister in the 20th century. The array of obstacles that stood before her in England at that time were enormous and I think she did a service for our team by getting there. Even though you might not agree with the politics, just the fact of her determination, her stamina, her courage to take it on. I think anybody that stands up and is willing to be a leader who is prepared as she was and as smart as she was, it’s admirable on a certain level because you really sacrifice a great deal. All of our public figures do."
Anchor Bat/Starz
Obviously, you didn’t interact with your older or younger counterparts on screen, but I don’t know if you had interaction behind the scenes in talking about the character and how they evolved. Could you talk a little about that and would you explain how you directed them in relation to their younger or older counterparts?
"For me, just to see Harry and Alex. On that same day you danced through the dining room while Jim and I were dancing, and I was completely overcome, I just broke down because it was like seeing actually your life flash before your eyes. I mean I’d been so immersed in my age and ability and then to see this glorious couple come through and free and that music, and Phyllida played it right through and they did the whole thing. You only see a flash of it in the picture, but it did anchor something emotionally in me that was very important, very important. And then of course when I saw the movie I completely fell in love with Harry Lloyd and could see why she did."
What do you think was the turning point for Margaret Thatcher in terms of her decision to lead the life of a politician? And what was the turning point for you in your own life when you decided "I want to make it as an actress"
"I’m sure that Margaret Thatcher was forged within her family, in a family of two girls, in a time when sons were favored, and a man that had no sons had no ambition, really, no place to put his ambition. Her father was the mayor of Grantham, very engaged politically, but also he was a lay-Methodist minister, and he preached, and he liked to be up front speaking. And he discovered that of his two daughters he had one that was uncommonly bright and uncommonly curious, and maybe this could be his boy. That’s what I think. But I could be completely wrong. But I think that in that time it was a disappointment to have a family with two girls, and it remains that in many parts of the world. So we can understand this, it’s not that alien of a landscape, although I can’t imagine it. I think that she fulfilled a promise, and she was uncommonly curious, had a prodigious appetite for learning and for doing things right, and he infused in her the courage to get up and out I suppose. Not only is she the first female prime minister, but she’s the first chemist to be elected prime minister. She took her degree in Oxford in chemistry, and then took the law boards. Yes, I think she had a lot of promise and she wanted to live up to it. For me I never really decided. I’m still ambivalent. But being an actor lets me be a million different things, so I don’t have to decide."
What kind of research, I mean obviously this performance has much more to do than the outside appearance, but did you get to meet with Margaret? The way that you pitched yourself forward, Meryl, what points of that were the director, in the writing of the script, in just your general observation?
"I did observe lots of newsreel footage of her, and the biggest challenge for me was just accomplishing the long lines of thought that she would launch into without taking a breath. Even with all the drama school that I’ve had I had a lot of trouble managing that, matching to it. And that has something to do with who she was as a person, just the galvanizing energy and the drive and the capacity to follow through with a conviction all the way to the end of your breath until you can’t go any further. And not to let anybody interrupt. And by the way, and go on from there. It was masterful the way she could manage these interviews. I’m taking notes on that."
A take-off of a Thatcher election poster from the  80s used to promote the movie
A take-off of a Thatcher election poster from the '80s used to promote the movie
Anchor Bay/Starz
How do you choose a character like Thatcher who’s still alive and might be able to see it, as opposed to Julia Childs, who will never be able to see things? Do you have it in your head that someday she might see it and comment?
"Yes. I did not meet her. I did see her once at my daughter’s university, at Northwestern. We went to see her lecture and that made an indelible impression on me, in about 2001, 2002, I can’t remember. But the question as to the special responsibility to playing someone who lives and potentially could see this, we have come under criticism for portraying someone who is frail and in delicate health. Some people have said it’s shameful to portray this part of a life, but the corollary thought to that is if you think that debility, delicacy, dementia is shameful, if you think that the ebbing end of life is something that should be shut away, if you think that people need to be defended from those images, then yes, if you think then it’s a shameful thing. But I don’t think that. I have had experience with people with dementia, I understand it, and I think it’s natural. We are naturally interested in our leaders and we tell stories about ourselves through the stories of important people. I mean going back to Lear and deciding questions of existence through Hamlet. We’re not talking about Hamlet’s politics or whether Lear was a good leader; we’re talking about the loss of power, because it’s interesting."
Did you meet her daughter?
"No, I haven’t."
I was just wondering what it was like working together again after Mamma Mia! and if you had developed a shorthand with Phyllida Lloyd?
"Yeah, I loved working with her the first time. But yes, we had a shorthand, and we had to because we had $14 million to shoot a movie that takes place over the course of six decades, right? Something like that. That’s basically no money. That’s less than a tenth of what Hugo cost. So 10 movies of the scale of Margaret Thatcher. You can’t spend time missing cues. We did discuss things on the run and all of us understood through a process of a year before we began shooting what we were wanting from this piece. That it was going to be not a docudrama, not a chronicling of Margaret Thatcher’s political life, that it would be a very particular look back through her own eyes at selected memories. Not in chronological order, in a jumble of memory, we grant glory days that it would all be a part of a reckoning at the end. So we had many discussions before we got onto the game field, and then once we got on we just went."
Anchor Bay/Starz
When you play a character like Margaret Thatcher, obviously people know her, she's in the public record, and we have an impression of her. Do you prefer playing real people or fictional characters where you can have more interpretation of that fictional character?
"Well since a good 40% of the film I’m playing a Margaret Thatcher no one has seen or knows and we can’t know, it’s an imagined journey that we were taking. So I felt a lot of freedom, I did. I felt completely free, and that’s a testament to the director and the strength of that vision that we were taking three days in the life of an old lady and using the turbulence of those days, the moving out of her husband’s things, as a trigger to a lot of memories, and disorientation, and a feeling of being thrust back and forth between the past and the present." (Available April 10, 2012)
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