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article imageOp-Ed: Cardinal Dolan Losing Battle

By John Bichler     Mar 20, 2012 in World
Cardinal Dolan is playing politics with the issue of women's healthcare, and trying to look like the victim in the process.
Cardinal Timothy Dolan is on a quest to save religious freedom from the evil government that requires religious institutions pay for women’s healthcare needs—aka, birth control. It is a war he didn’t ask for, but a war he is going to fight, because freedom is important to the health of this country.
He uses plain language in his war, and paints the government as a bunch of people that just don’t get it, and that they are too intrusive. These people in Washington don’t understand how they are attacking religious freedom. This isn’t the same religious freedom that involves separation of church and state, or better known as tax payer money used by religious institutions, because that is okay, if it keeps Cardinal Dolan employed.
What has our federal government done to impede the religious rights and intrude on religious freedoms? Did they stop citizens from worshiping at their favorite churches, did they establish one central church, did they start making churches pay taxes? No, the government didn’t do any of these things, but they did want religious institutions to follow federal law and allow women to fill their contraceptive prescriptions, but the government did do it in the form of a mandate.
So, what do we know about mandates? Mandates are good when the Roman Catholic Church does them. Mandates are bad when the federal government does them, because they are intrusive.
But Cardinal Dolan beliefs can't see through the dirty windows of church dogma, and he can't and doesn't seem willing to admit that the war he wants to fight is wrong, and the collateral damage will only hurt the innocent women that seek to better themselves by working for the Roman Catholic Church or try to gain a better education in Roman Catholic institutions.
We as a country of free men can allow the select bishops, these bishops not elected by even the members of their congregations, to use language and lies that paint a completely hazy picture of reality about religious freedoms, or we can stand up and tell them they are wrong and religious freedom will not be trampled by the mandate.
But aren’t we missing the point that the church believes that contraception is wrong, and this thought process should be protected? Maybe we should look at other things the Roman Catholic Church believed, but later changed: the earth being the center of the universe, indulgences, married priest, and the Inquisition. For a church that has a reputation for trampling basic freedoms, it seems ironic that they would now try to play the victim when it comes to the federal government telling them they need to paying such a small amount of money to make sure women stay healthy.
It would be nice if Cardinal Dolan and his bishops had a leg to stand on when it comes to government trampling religious freedom, and they will continue to make themselves out to be the victim. Dolan won’t talk about church funds, not all, that come from federal money. If he did talk about that, his argument is bogus, and people will tell him to be like Jesus and obey the laws of the land.
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