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Report: Average U.S. teenager sends, receives 60 texts per day

By Andrew Moran     Mar 20, 2012 in Technology
Los Angeles - A new report from the Pew Research Center shows that the average American teenager sends and receives approximately 60 text messages each day. It found that three quarters of all teenagers text message.
You may have thought that teenagers are texting more now than they did just a short couple of years ago. Well, now there is scientific proof that your hunch may have been correct after all.
A few years ago, studies showed that teenagers in the United States sent and received about 50 text messages per day. Years later, that number has jumped to 60 text messages, according to a Pew Internet Project report for the PEW Research Center.
The study finds that when teenagers communicate with people in their lives, such as friends, family members, peers, bosses, teachers and others, 63 percent say they text message on a daily basis. This form of communicating is much more preferable than the traditional methods of speaking.
The survey showed that 39 percent of teens like to speak on their cellphone, 35 percent prefer to talk face-to-face, 29 percent would rather communicate on social networks, 22 percent want to socialize on instant messaging, 19 percent through landlines and only six percent by e-mail.
Although teens may socialize a lot, they are talking to their friends less and less over the phone. Nearly one-third of teenagers say they never talk to their friends on a landline, while only 14 percent say they talk on a landline to their friends. When it comes to talking a cellphone, the numbers are also down as only 26 percent of all teens report speaking with their friends on their cellphone daily.
When it comes to smartphone ownership, the numbers are also rising. The report found that nearly a quarter of teens between 12 and 17 own a smartphone (31 percent of those between the ages of 14 and 17).
Overall, 77 percent of teenagers own a cellphone.
The telephone study was conducted with 799 teens between Apr. 19 and Jul. 14, 2011. It contains a margin of error of +/- 4.8 percentage points.
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