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article image'I have a torpedo in my brassiere': What not to say to TSA

By Katerina Nikolas     Mar 20, 2012 in Travel
The negative publicity often surrounding the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is relieved by a TSA blog that demonstrates what a good sense of humor the department really has.
The TSA blog, which is actually sponsored by the TSA, has the avowed mission "to facilitate an ongoing dialogue on innovations in security, technology and the checkpoint screening process."
The blog provides a convenient list of what not to say at a TSA checkpoint, using handy real life examples such as this from a passenger at La Guardia who said "I have a torpedo in my brassiere." The blog notes that the passenger did not actually have a concealed torpedo, but it didn't elaborate as to how TSA personnel ascertained the statement was in jest, or what punishment was inflicted on the flippant joker.
Another hilarious example of what not to say is highlighted by this comment from a passenger at Las Vegas who said “Why are you harassing this innocent woman when you just let me through with a tube of plastic explosives?” The blog points out that there was no tube of plastic explosives but fails to reveal how this was revealed, or to what inconvenience the non plastic explosives carrying passenger endured following the airport quip.
Other useful advice contained in the blog includes references to items that travelers really should leave at home before attempting to embark on their flights. Passengers should think twice before attempting to conceal a stun gun in a lipstick or their drug stash in their underpants.
As the blog so aptly demonstrates there is more to the TSA than harassing wheelchair bound infants and Ron Paul's offspring, they are bound to enjoy this video parody of themselves from Real News.
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