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article imageOWS celebrate 6 month anniversary — NYPD cracks down

By Anne Sewell     Mar 18, 2012 in Politics
New York - Occupy Wall Street decided to celebrate their 6 month anniversary in Zucotti Park. Police, as usual, clamped down with brutality and arrests.
The Occupy movement has been the target of police brutality states-wide, and yesterday was no different.
With spring in the air, OWS came out of its semi-hibernation and went back to Wall Street and Zucotti Park.
With chants such as “Whose park? Our park”, it was back to situation normal in the area. Tents were erected in the park and preparations made for the latest occupation.
With St. Patrick's Day sharing their anniversary, numbers were relatively small, but they plan to grow in the days ahead.
Occupy Wall Street - 17 March 2012
Occupy Wall Street - 17 March 2012
CBS quoted one protester as saying: “I think it’s just amazing in six months what we’ve accomplished. When I read the newspaper, Occupy is longer a carnival sideshow. If you read the business page or the political pages, Occupy Wall Street is mentioned as a force.”
However, RT reports that celebrations were marred by yet another brutal attack and arrests made by the NYPD. Dozens of police officers swarmed the park and arrested dozens of protesters. Police are said to be pushing journalists and activists alike, telling everyone to either leave or face arrest.
Occupy Wall Street 17 March 2012.
Occupy Wall Street 17 March 2012.
Members of the press are being stopped from entering the area “for safety reasons.” Apparently barricades were erected by the NYPD around Zucotti Park in violation of a court order.
Buses were brought in to house the arrested protesters.
It has been reported that OWS then moved on to Union Square, where they also met a large police presence and on Twitter, an OWS representative claims that the NYPD refused to let 2 medics through to help a girl who was having a seizure.
But, OWS being OWS, it is doubtful that they will back down and will continue to protest in days to come.
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