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article imageOp-Ed: Why is ‘science’ so scared of FTL claims? OPERA raises questions

By Paul Wallis     Mar 17, 2012 in Science
Sydney - Scientists were lining up from around the world to disprove the OPERA readings of FTL neutrinos. While these findings may not have been accurate, the fact remains that physics is obsessively negative regarding FTL or anything resembling FTL phenomena.
The OPERA figures have now been confirmed as being inaccurate. (After previously rerunning them and proving them correct- Apparently only an acceptable answer is considered.)The problem is that nobody even gave them a chance, or wanted to know about them. The whole scientific community couldn’t wait to jump in and say they had to be inaccurate. In effect, a mob with torches and pitchforks instantly formed.
Not impressive, on a range of counts. It’s an interesting fact that whatever science has said to be impossible usually turns out to be commonplace. At one stage it was actually mathematically proven that human beings couldn’t withstand speeds of 25 mph. The bumblebee couldn’t fly, either, until some new math solved the problem.
Less amusing is that science is apparently pretty nasty on the subject of FTL.
I had contact some time ago from people who informed me that they had data which “scientists” not only refused to consider, but these so-called professionals were also actually abusive. The famously dispassionate, high-minded scientific intellects apparently aren’t above a bit of bitchiness.
Why would this be? Surely they aren’t scared of facts. That’s not very scientific. Surely they aren’t scared of non-facts, either. Why abuse people for finding an unexplained phenomenon?
There are a few issues here-
Academic- FTL is a hot topic in more ways than one. In the great tradition of gutless academia, going against established laws is a real no-no. You and your academic position may be at risk. This has nothing to do with actual science, it’s a sort of peer group “Don’t mention the war” effect. The level of professional cowardice is staggering. This is “Don’t mention reality, it might offend someone”.
Cultural- The idea that the Earth was round was actually considered an issue so important that Galileo was in serious trouble with the Church. This wasn’t because of the idea, it was because it conflicted with dogma.
If this draws an uncomfortable parallel between the downright tyrannical behaviour of modern physics and the dogmas and theocratic dictatorship of the Inquisition and an organization now regularly prosecuted for pedophilia, I’m so bloody sorry, buttercups. What’s the difference, exactly? Galileo was right, they were wrong.
Scientific dogma is always proven wrong, sooner or later. Every theory of science in history has had to be modified, sooner or later.
The (much) bigger issue
There’s a much bigger issue, and strangely, it involves humanity- You omnipotent ‘scientists’ remember humans? Simians, with tails, a bit… curious? Even you pitiful sub-animals with your 120 IQs should be able to recall them, however dimly. They were quite noticeable at one point, or is that a bit too demanding for those so dazzled by their own infantile intellects? If you can't understand patterned, hierarchical energy forms like EM, you're not fit to be given a LEGO set, let alone funding.
FTL isn’t just a curiosity for humanity’s future. It’s a necessity. It’s the way to traveling in space at something other than these ridiculous go-kart speeds with miserably inefficient 5% payloads and prehistoric mechanisms at absurd costs.
The speed of light is 186,300 miles per second. That’s comprehensible to science. The speed of 186,300.0000whatever1, however, is blasphemy. It cannot be comprehended. It’s physically impossible, although the other speed isn’t. How “scientific” does this sound? The tin gods of spineless science have spoken in their squeaky little voices.
(You want to abuse people doing honest work, you useless scum? Whether they're right or wrong, they're doing better science than you ever will. You’re getting the contempt you deserve.)
These are the questions nobody’s asking, and much good it would do them if they did-
Why does all matter have higher energy shells? Why do all atoms have the same phase speeds? What happens if they have higher phase speeds? Read your own existing information and ask the Easter Bunny, bozos.
Which brings us to the “protesting too much” issue-
In the early 90s, a story got out that some scientists saw one of their own experiments happen before they actually did it. The real scientists heard about it on the gossip express aka scientific talkfests which can get information around the world in seconds these days. They, naturally, suppressed the information for over 20 years. This is probably a secret to some collection of butt ugly misanthropes who have applied to become Illuminazis, but if you look at the issues, it more or less follows the basics of what FTL would look like at sub light speeds.
Science is about as believable as the “there’s no other life in the universe” brigade when it’s in 150% denial mode. This is the redneck science- “There’s nothing we don’t know, so don’t claim to know anything else” effect. It’s like Creationism for Cretins.
Meanwhile humanity (that thing again) has a problem-
If science refuses to be objective, refuses to address real needs and spends decades chasing esoterica instead of producing useful things like energy efficiency, better food sources, managing water, and other things, what use is it? If science has the time and resources to waste abusing researchers rather than checking them, is the scientific process working? Because it sure as hell doesn’t look like it. This isn’t peer review, it’s bullying, by people who are themselves of dubious value.
There’s usually one way of getting through the thickest skulls- The business approach, so here it is.
If the world needs idiots achieving nothing useful at great expense, there’s no particular need for scientists, is there? Unproductive, obstructive idiots are pretty easy to find. Hiring canaries would be cheaper. They could be taught to say “It’s impossible” in several languages and write sponsored papers proving that science is omniscience, or just do a macro.
All the canaries need to say is-
Whatever it is, it only exists if we agree with it.
Whatever the question, the answer must fit our rules.
We will not look at any new information which contradicts existing information.
A 100 year old theory constructed using almost prehistoric methods must be more accurate than anything anyone can come up with now.
Scientific papers sponsored by corporations to promote their own agendas are as valid as independent studies.
Science, in effect, is proving itself particularly unproductive in areas where productivity is very much needed. The long line of scientists refusing to credit OPERA with even the possibility of providing new information is an indictment of physics as a science.
Newton, interestingly, was accused of plagiarism. Apparently the noble tradition of scientific bitchiness is alive and well in our time. It should be in a mausoleum. If you’re a real scientist, you can’t be a selective ignoramus as well.
Stick your edicts back up where they came from. If all you can do with things like OPERA is pass judgment before you even have test results and confirmation, are you a scientist or a parrot?
Science is about what is not known, not mindlessly reciting what is known. If you can’t contribute, start selling used cars, but don’t call yourself a scientist. You’re not, never have been and never will be.
The business translation-
Nobody gives a damn about your pet theories .
Nobody needs non-answers.
You’re trained and hired to discover new information. That’s the value of science. If you can’t deliver, why not get someone who can?
Speed is an obvious problem of the present and the future. You’re not here to debate the merits of the question, be pompous, claim to be omniscient and not get results, you’re here to find the answers.
So do it, or we hire someone who can.
Love and kisses, etc.,
yours sincerely,
Clear enough? At this rate, fire would never have been invented. Get out of the way, fossils.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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