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Springtime means babies at Frying Pan Farm in Fairfax Va. Special

By Leigh Goessl     Mar 16, 2012 in Lifestyle
Herndon - As the Washington D.C. region continues to experience warm temperatures, it's clear winter is on its way to retire until the next cycle begins.
Every year as spring approaches, locals in Virginia's Fairfax County eagerly await the spring births at Frying Pan Farm. The Farm has a calendar posted so those interested in the newcomers can keep apprised of the births occurring.
Frying Pan Farm is a popular destination for locals with families, school trips and other groups routinely visiting the farm. The area where kids can get a close up view of the animals and learn is called Kidwell Farm.
While the farm had an early surprise recently, with a Suffolk Ewe giving birth to a lamb on Dec. 30, most of the animals appear to be arriving in the time frames expected.
In Feb. additional lambs were born. First 'Annie' delivered twins on Feb. 13 and 'Meg' had her twins on March 7.
A calf made his debut on Feb. 16, a Black Angus Heifer. This babe was off in the pasture and was difficult to get a good look.
Several piglets also arrived with a set being born on March 4, with another March 5. These little guys seem to be living up to their name as they were nursing eagerly for the entire time we spent at the farm.
According to Frying Pan's birthing web page, close to 20 more births are expected to occur between now and May.
Frying Pan Farm is one of the few, if not the only, working farm left in Fairfax County. Today the farm is owned and operated by Fairfax County and serves as an educational and entertaining destination for visitors. Admission to the park and Kidwell Farm is free.
The farm today is preserved as a 1920s - 1950s era farm and highlights rural community life during that time. It is a self-sustaining farm which illuminates the agricultural process which was so pivotal in this region in earlier decades.
The area where the farm is located is now a heavily populated area that was previously farmland for centuries. Stepping into the park gives a good glimpse at the region's past, but the annual births brings a reminder that no matter how much things may change, some things remain exactly the same.
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