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article imageIs this Bournemouth park gate design the ugliest in the world? Special

By Elaine Findlay     Mar 15, 2012 in Odd News
Bournemouth - Residents in the UK’s south coast town of Bournemouth are aghast at proposed plans to replace a set of discrete gates at the entrance of King’s Park with new ones, the design of which has been likened to a set of scaffolding hit by a truck.
Just one week after Eddie Mitchell, the Chairman of AFC Bournemouth, based in Dorset, UK, was fined by the Football Association for swearing three times on a live BBC radio programme, he has managed to get Bournemouth residents cursing under their breath over a planning application he has submitted to Bournemouth Borough Council for new gates to be placed at one of the main entrances to King’s Park located next door to the League One football team’s stadium.
Those residents are cursing not because of the concept of the gates, but because of the design of them. Digital Journal was alerted to the plans in a phone call from Melanie Vass, a reporter from the Bournemouth Daily Echo, on March 14, 2012. Vass admitted, when questioned about her views on the application, that when a copy of the plans from the architect arrived in the newsroom, Bournemouth Echo staff thought it was a joke at first and had to double check with the Council’s planning department.
Planning application documents for what is  probably  the ugliest set of park gates in the whole wid...
Planning application documents for what is, probably, the ugliest set of park gates in the whole wide world.
The Design statement that accompanies the application says:
...The concept behind the gate is a representation of the map of Bournemouth – incorporating roads, parks, coastline, residential areas and railway making the proposal a relevant addition.
It goes on to explain that the diamond shaped hole on the left-hand gate commemorates the fact that 2012 is Her Majesty the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year and the five rings on the right-hand gate commemorate the fact that the 2012 Olympic Games are being held in London.
It mentions the existing gates which are painted green and very discrete but dismisses them as being
…a very basic centre split, hinged traffic barrier.
Yes, the existing gates are a set of basic, centre split barriers but they are very discrete and, because they are painted green, they blend in with the surrounding foliage. It is also important to note that they are only actually closed when there is the threat of an incursion of the open space of King’s Park by members of the Traveller community.
Existing discrete and green-painted gates to King s Park which are only ever closed when a Traveller...
Existing discrete and green-painted gates to King's Park which are only ever closed when a Traveller incursion is threatened, taken on a misty spring morning.
So how many times a year will these proposed park gates actually be in a closed state and therefore seen in their full glory? When they are in the open position, all they will be good for is as a climbing frame for local youth and an ever-present visual irritation to people walking past them.
A straw poll of around 30 people over a 24 hours period ending 6pm on March 15, 2012 found that each and every one of them thought the gates were ugly and they wouldn’t want them to be built. Other comments included:
The gates look like a set of scaffolding that’s been hit by an articulated lorry.
Bloody ridiculously horrible!
Did the rag and bone man make it?
Ugliest set of gates I’ve ever seen.
So what do you think? Are these the ugliest park gates ever to be designed in the whole-wide world or do you know of an uglier pair? If you do, why not let us know via the comment facility below?
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