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article imageOp-Ed: Azhar Ahmed, racial comments and Facebook hate pages

By Anne Sewell     Mar 14, 2012 in World
Yesterday Digital Journal reported on the arrest of 19-year-old Azhar Ahmed, in connection with a comment that he made on Facebook. Now the hate comments and pages start in revenge.
The article said that he was arrested in connection with a "racially aggravated public order offence" and will appear at Dewsbury Magistrates Court on 20 March 2011.
The actual comment made by Azhar Ahmed can be viewed here. Please note this comment is controversial and might offend.
Now, as we know, recently 16 innocent civilians have been slaughtered in Afghanistan by a "rogue soldier", or according to villagers "several DRUNK soldiers". The dead included 9 children.
Over the entire period of the action in Afghanistan, countless innocent civilians have been killed, women raped and children slaughtered.
While his words were strong and rather controversial, I can understand just how angry and upset Azhar is over all the many and various atrocities in Afghanistan. I do not know which country he was born in, but he could quite possibly have Afghan cousins, aunts, uncles, friends.
How many of us have got mad and made similar comments on Facebook? I know I have! My rather controversial group of friends on Facebook make comments similar to this EVERY SINGLE DAY over the state of this messed up, crisis ridden, constantly warring, world. My Facebook news feed is a constant stream of horrors inflicted by this country or that country.
Yes, it is extremely sad that the 6 British soldiers were killed. I agree, it's a tragic situation. But one has to wonder if this kind of senseless slaughter is to be expected? How many innocents are killed before someone just plain wants revenge?
And now, as reported on a private blog, the hate comments have started in response to Azhar's "crime". Here are a couple of censored comments, which have apparently since been deleted - but surprise, surprise the people who made them did NOT get arrested:
Female Commenter 1 - ”Dirty smelly greasy bastard needs f*king torturing the dirty paki bastard!!”
Male Commenter 2 ”F*cking sick twat burn his eyes out smelly f*kka”
Female Commenter 3: ”Cheeky smelly pakki c*nt wants tying to a tree n shooting …Smelly f*kker..Lock him up n throw the key away ..Grrrhhhh….SKUM…!!”
Male Commenter 4:: ” He’s nothing he’s gunner die veryy soon”
As you will agree, really charming, especially from the ladies.
They have even started up an anti-Azhar Facebook page. However the owner of the page is saying that it is not racist - well it can't be can it? Wouldn't he get arrested? I wonder if he WOULD?
Maybe I'm wrong, but freedom of speech in England at the moment depends on who is doing the talking. If you are foreign and want to stand up for your own people, it seems you had better keep your mouth shut from now on or follow Azhar into jail. No "get out of jail free" cards allowed.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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