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article imageExtremist hate preacher Anjem Choudary wants to 'axe Bollywood'

By Katerina Nikolas     Mar 12, 2012 in World
Radical Muslim extremist Anjem Choudary is attempting to bring his demands for Shariah law to India through Sharia4Hind. Thus far thwarted in his mission to turn Britain into a Caliphate state, he now turns to India and declares "Bollywood gets the axe."
Not content with spreading his message of hate in England where he lives at the taxpayers expense on benefits, radical Islamic extremist Anjem Choudary, who calls himself Manager of the Shariah Court of the U.K., has now turned his attention to India through his latest organization, Sharia for Hind.
Promoting the organization through the website Sharia4Hind, currently unavailable as blocked whilst the Delhi High Court reviews its status, Ennapadam Panchajanya states the website" declares emphatically that it is anti national and proudly Fascist, as it sends this message to Indian Muslims that “Indian Political Parties Have Preyed on the Muslim Community, As the Wolf Preys a Lamb; They Have Divided Us with Nationalism and Poisoned Us with Democracy."
New Age Islam reports that the intent of Sharia4Hind is to call on Muslims to boycott democrat elections, "replace “India’s public idols and statues with mosques, symbolising the transformation from polytheism to monotheism, from darkness to light” and to axe Bollywood. It further adds that “polytheism, interfaith and promiscuity and all of the other various ills of the Bollywood industry would be replaced with Islamic monotheism (Tawheed) and righteousness, providing a healthy environment for Muslims and non-Muslims to live under.”
The campaign against Bollywood was highlighted when a fatwa was issued against Pakistani actress Veena Malik calling for her death following the publication of naked photographs. In 2008 Fox News reported a fatwa was issued against Bollywood star Salman Khan for allowing Madame Tussauds to make a wax figure of him, which a Muslim cleric declared was illegal under Shariah, even though India is not governed by Shariah law.
France banned Anjem Choudary from entering the country last year when he tried to travel there to protest the niqab ban. In the interview with CNN below he is accused of being a heinous terrorist. Yet in the U.K. he lives freely apart from the periodic bans on whatever latest organizations he heads to spread his message of hate. Choudary previously led the now banned Islam4UK, Al-Muhajiroun, and Al Ghurabaa.
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