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article imageReview: Murder and intrigue in and out of Britain's leading soaps Special

By Alexander Baron     Mar 10, 2012 in Entertainment
Next week's 'Coronation Street' sees bookmaker Peter Barlow confessing to and arrested for the murder of rapist Frank Foster. So why is he only 33/1 with a leading real life bookmaker?
[For those not in the UK, be advised that if you read on you may find something that will spoil your future enjoyment suspense-wise].
The answer to the above question can be found in recent news reports like this one. Unlike bankers, bookmakers know a thing or two about the value of bets, which begs the question why don't we turn over the running of the stock market to them? The real question is has somebody on the inside been leaking information? This is possible, but even inside information can be wrong, intentionally or otherwise, so anyone hoping to make some free wonga out of any of Britain's soaps would be better off heading over to the poker tables where there is real easy money on offer, although sometimes it can take a bit of hard work to win.
Frank Foster was a nasty piece of work, and as with the second murder of pub landlord Dennis Watts in EastEnders, there is no shortage of suspects.
In this series are two murders, one for real. The demise of launderette lady Heather Trott was promised for this week but it appears now to happen Monday night. There is no mystery for the viewer though, the perpetrator is teenager Ben Mitchell. Ben is the classic case of the little ugly duckling that grew up into a great big ugly duck. He has already served time as a young offender after nearly killing a friend, now after framing his father for a murder that never happened, he is about to go one better. Although he is no rapist, Phil Mitchell is a nasty piece of work with few redeeming features, but the permanently recovering alcoholic can't be faulted as a father, and Ben is the very last person in Albert Square who should have any sort of axe to grind with him.
Another of the many plots in this series sees what appears to be the ultimate triumph of pink power over Islam, something that sounds rather improbable in the real world, but there are clearly more homosexuals and liberals writing scripts for the BBC than jihadis. Having thrown herself at one of the local wide boys, the lovely Amira faces up to the fact that she is never going to get back with her estranged husband, who prefers the dubious charms of the local butch queen to hers, so rather than poison his samosa like that other (not so) wronged woman Zoora Shah, she packs her bag and departs in a taxi while Christian and Syed hold hands as even matriarch Zainab comes to terms with her eldest son's homosexuality. This is probably because the events of the past few months, being divorced by her second husband, remarrying her first husband who had previously set her on fire and later drugged and beat her, has left her a little confused and more than a little demoralised.
Though the evil Dr Khan went down in flames in a Christmas spectacular, there has been another real life murder associated with the soap. Recently it was reported that Karen Williamson, an extra from the series, is awaiting retrial for the murder of an elderly woman. Now it has been confirmed that a regular actress who appeared in EastEnders between October 2000 and March 2001, has been murdered.
Twenty-nine year old Gemma McCluskie played the character Kerry Skinner. Miss McCluskie's torso was recovered from the Regent's Park Canal. She appears to have been murdered on March 1. A thirty-five year old man believed to be her brother has been arrested.
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