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article imageReview: It’s ‘Crazy’ to hang on for that long Special

By Sarah Gopaul     Mar 8, 2012 in Entertainment
‘Like Crazy’ is about a young couple who is forced to cope with some serious obstacles early on in their relationship. It’s available on DVD and Blu-ray Mar. 6.
The first days, weeks, months of a new relationship and, eventually maybe, new love are always the best. Everything is fresh and fun. But this time is only the foundation on which a couple can build a longstanding commitment - because it won't last forever. Like Crazy is about a young couple involuntarily trapped in phase one, trying desperately to move forward.
While studying abroad, Anna (Felicity Jones), a British student, falls in love with Jacob (Anton Yelchin), one of her American classmates. Learning their love does not transcend the law, they are suddenly ripped apart by circumstances beyond their control. The remainder of the picture explores the difficulties of being apart and being together.
The problem with this love story is "the love" becomes harder to see the longer the movie runs. Initially, they connect over all the important/trivial things and can't bear to be apart. However, once forced to endure an extended separation, those early feelings begin to waver. First only a little, then quite significantly, which repeatedly raises the question: "Why do you keep doing this to each other?" As much as each of us enjoys the sensation of new love, it has its limits and can only stretch so far. As the narrative continues, the characters' foolish dedication to each other just becomes sad.
The opening scenes give the impression of a Before Sunrise-type film – an international couple instantly connects and falls hopelessly for each other. But Celine and Jesse were wise enough to move on with their lives. Instead, Anna and Jacob drag it out, dragging the audience with them through countless back and forths. And it's only made worse by the lack of a definitive timeline. Is their love really so fragile as to be forgotten or replaced so quickly, even if briefly? Or has a significant amount of time passed? It's impossible to know and a key failure of the film because it's difficult to identify with characters without understanding their motivations.
Jones and Yelchin are adequate. And even though they seem sincere, there is not a lot of chemistry between them. They look lovingly at each other and smile sweetly, but only appear to be going through the motions as no real emotion can be detected. Similarly, their interactions with other people lack affection; although that is to be attributed to their characters’ continued attachment to each other.
This film qualifies as more of a drama than a romance, but in any case it’s just not a very captivating story in the end.
Director: Drake Doremus
Starring: Felicity Jones, Anton Yelchin and Jennifer Lawrence
Special features include: commentary by director Drake Doremus, editor Jonathan Alberts and cinematographer John Guleserian; and deleted and alternate scenes with optional commentary. (Paramount Home Entertainment)
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