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article imageWas reporter sleeping on the air during Super Tuesday coverage?

By Leigh Goessl     Mar 8, 2012 in Odd News
Austin - A YouTube video of a Fox News clip is currently gaining a lot of attention on the web.
The video shows a Fox Anchor trying to get the latest on Super Tuesday results from what appears to be a sleeping on location correspondent.
In the early morning hours on Wed., Austin, Tex., Fox affiliate KTBC anchor Joe Bickett tried to toss over to Fox News correspondent Doug Luzader to get the scoop on the latest news. When the screen split to bring in Luzader, he appeared to be standing up, but asleep.
As the screen splits to zoom in on both reporters, Bickett is saying, "Super Tuesday in the rear view mirror and the results show a little something for everybody, Doug was there. Live in DC with the update…"
He asks Luzader, "I guess 6-3-1 is the way it breaks down?" and gets no response. "Maybe?" Bickett asks. No response. Luzader's head is still down as Bickett is trying to get updates via satellite. He tries to speak to Luzader again and is met in silence. Awkward pause.
"Uhh, I….guess not," Bickett said. He says to the audience, "We'll check in, in a minute."
The Blaze noted TV news can be "stressful and exhausting," and a major newsworthy event like Super Tuesday can increase these factors.
Reportedly, Bickett and Luzader connected about an hour later and discussed the Super Tuesday results as initially planned.
A report surfaced that indicated Luzader wasn't actually asleep, but consider he wasn't able to hear Bickett. Huffington Post U.K. said, "If you take a closer look at the 'sleeping' clip, you can just about spot Luzader blinking every once in a while."
YouTube user Duffy1025, who uploaded the video, posted in the comments, "He [Luzader] actually direct messaged me and told me his earpiece was dead and if you look closely enough you can see his eyes blinking. It was sooooo much more funny thinking he was asleep!!"
So was he snoozing on air, or wasn't he? Take a look yourself.
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