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article imageKaren Santorum defends Rick Santorum again

By Katerina Nikolas     Mar 7, 2012 in Politics
Karen Santorum, wife of GOP presidential hopeful Rick Santorum, has defended her husband over women's rights. She accused the media of cornering Rick, just as a few weeks ago she accused them of vilifying him over gays.
Karen Santorum is the mother of seven home-schooled children, and shares her Catholic husband's conservative views on abortion and contraception. She has publicly stated that she was at first reluctant for Rick to run for president, but after praying she now believes it is God's will that he run.
In an interview with Jan Crawford of CBS News Karen Santorum heaped praise on Rick as she said "My husband is brilliant, he knows so much about -- you know, like I said -- national security, jobs, the economy. You know, every aspect of this race, any issue out there, he's brilliant."
As attention has been focused on her husband's position on contraception this week, Karen leapt to his defense by turning the tables around and accusing the media of trying to corner him. She told Crawford "They try to corner him and make it look like he doesn't know anything else. As a wife, mother, an educated woman, it frustrates me that they try to do that."
It appears that Karen Santorum is springing to her husband's defense on a regular basis. In the Young Turks video clip below from January, Karen reacts to Rick's position over gays, saying it is "very sad what the gay activists have done out there. They've vilified him and it's so wrong."
Mrs. Santorum blames the media for drawing attention to her husband's extreme positions regarding contraception and gay marriage, views she apparently shares. Yet prior to her marriage the then Karen Garvey had no qualms about living with a man who was not only 40 years her senior but was also the doctor who delivered her. Newsweek disclosed that Karen Garvey enjoyed a six-year-relationship with Dr. Tom Allen, an abortion doctor, who paid to have her teeth straightened.
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