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article imageOp-Ed: It's real — Gene prevents cancer, aids slimming and fights aging

By Paul Wallis     Mar 6, 2012 in Health
Sydney - There’s a gene called Pnet which has been proven to fight tumors and aid weight loss and fights aging. Apparently this gene is missing from human cancers. The good news is that finally, even if it seems too good to be true, this time it is.
Science Daily reports
In a perfect world, we could eat to our heart's content without sacrificing our health and good looks, and now it appears that maybe we can. Mice with an extra dose of a known anti-cancer gene lose weight even as their appetites grow. Not only that, but according to the report in the March issue of the Cell Press journal Cell Metabolism, the animals also live longer, and that isn't just because they aren't getting cancer, either.
The gene acts as a “brown fat metabolizer”- it burns energy, and doesn’t store it. If that’s ringing a lot of bells for people with weight problems, you’ve got the message- It’s the exact opposite of the “instant storage” problem.
Pnet is one of a class of genes which prevents abnormalities called tumor suppressors. According to Manuel Serrano of the Spanish National Cancer Research Center, these genes have multiple benefits. One of the earliest discoveries of gene science in this field was that growth suppressants in cells prevent cancer. In a case in the 80s, the right growth suppressor was used to eliminate a tumor. The need is to know specifically what’s required for any given incident, and it’s looking like Pnet is an all-rounder in this field.
The weight and aging information is also intriguing- Pnet creates a “benevolent metabolic imbalance”, and even hungry mice, eating more than usual, weren’t detrimentally affected.
Now some more good news- A compound which mimics Pten had the same effects. That means that a drug is possible. Generally speaking, mice tests take a while to be developed into human drugs, but in this case, because Pten is a known gene and relatively well understood, it may be possible to escalate and speed up development a bit faster than usual.
A gene that can end the misery of millions and much more
The economics of Pten are pretty staggering- If it can fight the effects of weight gain, suppress tumors and fight aging, that’s three entire classes of drug which can be turned into major health assets, real preventative medicine. The big global pharmaceutical companies ought to be looking at ways of incorporating Pten into existing medicines.
Weight loss experts, trainers and nutritionists needn’t feel they’re being put out of work, either. As a matter of fact, training, exercise and balanced meals can be much better developed in the course of an actual weight loss process. You wind up with not only a slimmer, but a much healthier person with better nutritional balance. In effect, it’s a holistic health option which doesn’t currently exist, but would be a natural evolution of the Pnet effects.
Don't be too surprised to see a "gene-led economic recovery" when this thing hits the market.
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