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article imageKony 2012 movement heats up after YouTube video posted

By Nicole Byerly     Mar 8, 2012 in World
The video dubbed “Kony 2012” posted on YouTube by the Invisible Children group on March 5, 2012 had reached over 40 million viewers, stirring up debates all across the United States.
The 30-minute video released by the Invisible Children on Youtube, created by filmmaker Jason Russell, depicts a side of Uganda that the general public has never seen or known about. The video displays over information about the Lord's Resistance Army leader Joseph Kony, and his 26 year run of gathering over 30,000 children and turning them into savage killers or sex slaves.
Over 9 years ago, Russell met a young boy in Uganda named Jacob, whom he made the promise to stop the LRA in Uganda once and for all. Although Kony was placed on the ICC's most wanted list over six years ago, not much has been done to capture him until Russell and his San Diego non-profit group "Invisible Children" created the mission to stop Kony once and for all.
Russell talked to nearly every person who could in Washington as an attempt to get the United States to stop Kony, which was responded to in October 2011 by President Obama who sent a group of 100 specially trained military soldiers to Uganda to find Kony who has been hiding in the jungle.
The movement, dubbed Kony 2012, is set to attract the top 20 celebrities and the top 12 individuals in politics, as Russell views them as "a crucial aspect to spreading the word and getting the world involved." Tweets from celebrities such as Will Smith, J.K. Rowling, Justin Beiber and P. Diddy have already popped up across the Internet. The video was mentioned by White House spokesman Jay Carney on Thursday during his briefing as well.
The website, was created by the Invisible Children to sell t-shirts, bracelets, and posters to raise the awareness of Kony and make him a household name in the United States. Russell states that funds are used in Uganda to create schools and other buildings for children as well as promote the campaign and provide resources for tracking down and arresting Kony.
In the video, Russell talks about Kony in comparison to Hitler and his negative drive to take down a targetted race; or in Kony's case, a targeted age group. The date April 20, notably Hitler’s birthday, of 2012 is when everyone nationwide is supposed to promote Kony awareness through posters and any other media source possible.
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