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article imageReview: Rock-indie band The Employees – new album 'Unemployed' Special

By Anne Sewell     Mar 5, 2012 in Entertainment
Chicago - The Employees are a psychedelic-rock-indie band hailing from Chicago. Their latest album "Unemployed" is due for release in spring 2012.
Through my endeavors on, I get to “virtually meet” a lot of musicians and lesser-known bands. They watch my videos and notice that I am promoting music which is topical and, most importantly in these “internet censorship” days, not covered by copyright.
Through contact on Youtube we then collaborate – I add their music in my videos, and of course credit them and add a link to their website – and they of course allow me to add their oh-so-appropriate and original music to my videos.
I was very pleased to recently be contacted by The Employees. I have used one of their songs (“Part of the 99”) in my latest video and they very kindly gave me a link to download their latest and great album “Unemployed” which will be released soon.
The Employees - rock-indie band from Chicago  IL  USA
The Employees - rock-indie band from Chicago, IL, USA
The Employees
About the band:
The Employees are a psychedelic-indie-rock band that was started back in 2007 by Brothers Chris and Ryan. The band released their first full length album, "See the shadow" in 2008. After a few years of playing around the city of Chicago promoting this album, the band started to shift its thoughts to the next release, and trying something different. 
In 2010 the band’s focus started becoming more involved with politics and revolution, as the band comes from possibly the most corrupt city in the USA, Chicago.  The news on TV was dominated by corruption, unemployment, the BP oil spill, higher gas prices, and people demanding political change. Band practices were becoming more and more political discussions rather than jamming. This turned The Employees' focus on to writing music with a real message.
Lead singer Chris B., started to write lyrics inspired by the current headlines in the news that were often political in nature. The band felt like there were more people out there with their thoughts, ideas, and concerns for the future of their country and the world.
From this came the birth of the album “Unemployed”. Instead of just releasing a “collection of songs” written by different members of the band, The Employees all got involved and decided to experiment with the “concept album” idea. Most of the grim headlines inspiring the songs for this album, all pointed to a central idea – “the death of the American Dream”.
The concept album “Unemployed”:
The music is meaningful and topical for our current revolutionary and crisis-ridden world. It carries a strong message. It tells a story. Plus, of course, it has a great beat!
All the way through, you are reminded of what is happening in the world – politics, corruption and lies. The music encourages you to stand up for your rights, to do your best to change this world. The album tells a strong story in song, which carries through from beginning to end.
This politically charged concept album will be sure to make a statement on the current status in the USA and provide an anthem for change.
The band is planning to have the album Unemployed available on April 17th (Tax Deadline day)! 
The Employees also teamed up with political cartoonist Cameron Cardow for the artwork of this concept album.  Cardow is a six-time finalist for Canada's National Newspaper Award and two-time winner. His cartoons have been published in the New York Times, L.A. Times, USA Today and many others.
Part of the 99
While finishing up recording their concept album, Unemployed, the Occupy movement started, which got the attention of the band. Unemployed contained some of the messages of the occupy movement without the band knowing it at first. This led the band to write a song in honor of the movement and they produced “Part of the 99” (video below).
A “quotable-quote” about The Employees:
“Any boss would be proud to promote The Employees, a Midwestern four piece alternative/rock band that has been climbing the musical corporate ladder in Chicago without taking a sick day. Clocking in overtime working on their sophomore album release titled, Unemployed, the band has been hard at work putting the final tweaks on this new concept album. From the depression of our economy, unemployment, corruption, environmental disasters, flu epidemics, the death of the America dream, and wanting to escape from all of it, The Employees take us on a wild Ride. Who else to know better about the economy than The Employees in it?"
Visit their website to read more about the band and listen to more of their tracks on video.
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