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Valentine letter on female inner beauty causes student suspension

By Nancy Houser     Mar 2, 2012 in World
Scientists have found that when sexual ads are viewed, areas of the brain become stimulated that cause impulse buying. Meanwhile, the brain bypasses sections that control rational thought. This has led to a contradiction about what sex is about.
According to the Archbishop Denis O'Connor Catholic High School in Ajax, Ontario, Canada, such blatant sexual behavior was clearly demonstrated when the quiet 17-year-old Catholic student, Paul Gomille, wrote a beautiful Valentine's Day letter that praised the inner beauty of the female students in his high school on this special day. He then gave copies to students in the Catholic High School cafeteria, sharing his innermost thoughts of what a woman's inner beauty should consist of.
According to the Toronto Star, part of the Valentine letter on female inner beauty read, “Real attractiveness comes from having a certain dignity,” wrote Paul Gomille. “It comes from having class. It comes from being true to yourself, being yourself, and being comfortable in your own skin."
Originally, Principal Donna Modeste approved of the letter, but when Paul Gomille stated he wished to deliver the letter as a speech, she suggested revisions in his letter. "... Modeste suggested some revisions to the address, in particular sentences where Gomille is “judgmental” and describes his audience as “the ones that don’t talk about people behind their backs, the ones that guys don’t flock to in droves, the ones that don’t dress in revealing clothing.”
When Gomille did not comply and passed out 136 copies of the letter on Valentine's Day during lunch, she suspended the young man for two-days for "opposition to authority." The family of Gomille supported their son by suggesting that the school's suspension was a "misguided attempt to discourage what could have been an honest discussion about love."
According to his older sister, Alexandra, "Paul describes himself as a man of dignity in the letter and really he truly is. He’s definitely got a different perception than most teenagers these days.” She described her younger brother as quiet and reserved, and without a girlfriend at the present time. The enjoyment of his life is the video game World of Warcraft, until he wrote the meaningful Valentine's Day letter that may go down in history and one few women will forget.
Much of the administration's excess reaction to the Valentine letter had to do with a headline episode that occurred less than five months earlier. Gaining international attention, the Archbishop Denis O'Connor Catholic High School had gone public with the school's kilt controversy, "Too many girls are hiking up their kilts to unacceptable lengths, according to Durham Catholic District School Board trustee Chris Leahy."
The school debated on banning the traditional kilt, designed to be knee length, because older girls were hemming or rolling them up higher than the school considered decent. Many other Catholic schools had already banned the kilts and replaced them with slacks and shorts. However, the community chose to keep the traditional school kilts.
When the school over-reacted to the Valentine letter written by Paul Gomille and suspended him, his classmates immediately rallied behind him. One of his school friends, Mike Shank, said "How many guys are going to go out there and call a girl beautiful instead of sexy? He was just the one that stood out and had the guts to do it.”
Students from the school launched a protest in support of the letter and against the suspension, through Facebook, Twitter and Tmblr petitions entitled "Free Paul." People and students who did not know about the situation would eventually do so through social networking.
The National Post reports that "The speech was on the topic of a woman’s inner beauty — Mr. Gomille, 17, clearly believes that many of his female peers do not treat each other, or themselves, with due respect, and he wishes that everyone would focus more on how wonderful they are on the inside and not how attractive they can make themselves on the outside."
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