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Viral Video: Meet the world's strongest kids, aged 7 and 5

By JohnThomas Didymus     Mar 1, 2012 in Odd News
Galati - Giuliano and Claudiu Stroe are brothers, and are very unusual children. They are the the world's strongest for their age categories, 7 and 5 respectively.

According to, the latest YouTube clip showing Giuliano's feats of strength was recently released. The video shows 7-year-old Guiliano Stroe balance his hands and feet on green glass bottles. He can even do push-ups on bottles!
According to The Post Game, the children live in Galati, Romania, about 3 hours drive from Bucharest. The two started workout routines with their father, Iulian, when they were only two years old. They follow their father's weightlifting routine and the result, two incredibly strong kids.
The Post Game reports the older of the two, Giuliano, holds the world record for 90-degree vertical push-ups and the human flag routine. Zimbio reports proud father Iulian, says: "He has been going to the gym with me ever since he was born. I always took him with me when I went training."
According to Softpedia, Giuliano has a long history of extra-ordinary feats of strength. In 2009, when he was only 5, he earned the title of the "world's strongest boy." He entered the Guinness Book of World Records after he did the fastest ever 10m hand walk with weight balls between his legs. reports he set a world record on Italian TV show, after he did 20 "air" push ups ("your legs don't touch the floor between lifts").
Questions are, however, been raised whether it is healthy for children as young as Giuliano and Claudiu to go through such intense physical training. Iulian responds: "I have been training hard all my life myself. He is never allowed to practice on his own, he is only a child and if he gets tired we go and play."
Zimbio reports Giuiliano is the oldest of four children. He says he also enjoys normal children's activities such as painting and TV cartoons
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