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article imageGoes viral: Cat goes for doggy paddle in the sea

By Lesley Lanir     Feb 29, 2012 in World
There are some breeds of cats that will dare to enter water but in general felines are not known for their love of the wet stuff or swimming. But a video going viral shows one cat's brave water adventure.
This kitty cat looks like it's going to practice its strokes and go fishing to catch its own dinner. Captured on video in Russia, a cat going for a dip and swim in the sea. It slowly enters the water, expands its tail like that of an otter in order to help with buoyancy and then swims pussy paddle at great speed into deeper water.
There is a breed of domestic cat called The Turkish Van that likes water and swimming. Not all members of this breed go for a daily dip but if there is water in the environment they will not be as averse to it as other cats.
However, the video of the "Russian" cat going for a bathe is not the only evidence of cats enjoying swimming, this lady thought she'd see how her cats would cope with their private swimming pool.
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