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article imageRepublican Arizona, Michigan Primaries Results: Mitt Romney wins

By Andrew Moran     Feb 28, 2012 in Politics
Detroit - Before the Washington Caucus and Super Tuesday, the Republicans made a stop in the states of Michigan and Arizona. As the polls closed at 9 p.m. EST, Michigan is reporting a tight race between former Senator Rick Santorum and former Governor Mitt Romney.
Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney is in a tight race with former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum in the state of Michigan. With numbers coming in, there are only several hundred votes between the two.
The numbers have not come in yet in Arizona, but Romney has been named the projected winner of that state.
The total number of delegates required to secure the Republican nomination is 1,144. Although the current delegate projections are non-binding and erratic, it is suggested that Romney is leading the field with 106, which is followed by Santorum (37), Gingrich (35) and Paul (27).
There were reports coming out that Michigan exit polling data suggested that 10 percent of voters considered themselves Democrat. The Santorum campaign urged Conservative Democrats to support him Tuesday, while a small Democratic movement was formed to support Santorum in the hopes that a Santorum vs. President Barack Obama general election would be a decisive victory for the incumbent.
Romney called the move by Santorum and the Obama supporters “deceptive,” a “new low” and a “dirty trick.” However, during the 1992 Democratic presidential primary, Romney, then a registered independent, voted for former Senator Paul Tsongas. He cast his ballot as a political maneuver to find the weakest Democratic opponent to incumbent President George H.W. Bush.
Below are the specific polling numbers for the remaining four candidates thus far in Michigan (95 percent reporting):
Newt Gingrich: seven percent | 65,093 votes
Ron Paul: 12 percent | 115,956 votes
Mitt Romney: 41 percent | 410,517 votes
Rick Santorum: 37 percent | 378,124 votes
Below are the specific polling numbers for the remaining four candidates thus far in Arizona (82 percent reporting):
Newt Gingrich: 16 percent | 74,110 votes
Ron Paul: eight percent | 38,753 votes
Mitt Romney: 47 percent | 216,805 votes
Rick Santorum: 27 percent | 122,088 votes
Both Romney and Santorum spent the day in Michigan by holding several campaign events. Gingrich held three campaign events and a news conference in the state of Georgia Tuesday. He will also hold a primary rally there.
Meanwhile, Paul, who did not campaign much in Michigan, spent Tuesday in Virginia, which holds its primary during Super Tuesday and will only have Romney and Paul on the ballot. 49 delegates will be at stake.
Ahead of Tuesday night’s contests, the media labelled the race now as a two-man race between Santorum and Romney. According to Real Clear Politics national polling averages, the former senator holds a three-point lead over the former governor. Paul and Gingrich are essentially tied.
The latest Michigan polls showed a tight race between the former senator and Romney, who was actually born in the state of Michigan. Meanwhile, polling data from Arizona released this week suggested a wide lead for Romney over his GOP rivals by as much as 17 points.
Republicans will head to the polls again on Saturday for the Washington Caucuses, which maintains 43 delegates and has Santorum leading in double digits. Three days later, the ever important Super Tuesday will take place.
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