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article imageThe Sun is the latest media outlet to get confused about Croatia

By Paul Bradbury     Feb 26, 2012 in Travel
First Fox News placed Croatia in Bulgaria, followed by SmarterTravel advertising a Croatia tour which was largely in other countries, and now The Sun has invented a new currency for Croatia.
The geography of Eastern Europe can be a challenge for Western tourists, whose cause is not helped by media outlets they rely on for accurate information, and the latest company to add confusion to travel plans is Britain's most popular newspaper, The Sun, which announced a 81% increase in demand from the Post Office for the Croatian krona on February 26, 2012, a currency which does not actually exist.
The error is not quite as severe as some others recently, most notably a map published by Fox News, whose geography of Eastern Europe raised a few eyebrows in the cafes of Zagreb and elsewhere, as it indicated that the whole of former Yugoslavia was actually called Bulgaria, as previously reported by Digital Journal.
The Croatian currency is the kuna  not the krona
The Croatian currency is the kuna, not the krona
Screenshot of The Sun
Digital Journal also reported recently on an American tour website, which was offering a memorable seven-day tour of Croatia, which actually only took in two Croatian cities, and included an overnight stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as a visit to Montenegro:
For the record, the name of the Croatian currency is the kuna, which translates as 'marten', and is a throwback to the time when the main currency was bartering, including animal pelts. While The Sun's error was not as serious as that of Fox News, it does highlight the ongoing problems countries like Croatia have to establish basic aspects of their identity in the international mindset.
To The Sun's credit, the rest of the article was extremely accurate, focusing on the raft on new flights to the Adriatic coast, which have helped to bring down ticket prices to Dubrovnik by 41% year on year, and all the signs are that 2012 will be even more successful that last year which was officially a record year.
Just check on the currency you are buying at the Post Office...
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