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article imageThe English Defence League (EDL) peacefully protest in Hyde

By Richard Milnes     Feb 26, 2012 in World
Hyde - On Saturday 25 February 2012, the patriotic English Defence League peacefully protested in Hyde, Greater Manchester, England.
The protest had been planned to demonstrate against the unprovoked, cowardly gang attack on seventeen-year-old Daniel Stringer-Prince, which was allegedly carried out by South Asian Muslims.
Huge support from local people
Local people could be seen welcoming the EDL as if it were a liberating army as the coach convoy drove into town, showing just how out of touch most politicians are with the sentiments of the downtrodden English people.
Jonathan Reynolds, Labour and Co-op MP for Stalybridge and Hyde was reported by the BBC to have said that there was no reason for the EDL to come to Hyde and that they weren’t welcome. Clearly the only people that didn’t want them there were those that may not have wanted to have the media spotlight put on the town of Hyde, in case it highlighted their own personal failings and incompetence in allowing the Daniel Springer-Prince attack to have taken place.
The EDL peacefully marched
BBC North West reported that the police said the protest, with an estimated 600 people, had passed off peacefully.
The marchers chanted “I’m English ‘til I die”, “E,E,EDL” and “We’re coming down the road.”
Tommy Robinson, leader of the EDL makes a speech
The brave, English patriot known as ‘Tommy Robinson’ (real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon), who has literally put his life on the line in order to highlight the inconvenient truth as to what is happening to English people across the country, spoke at the demonstration.
Persecution of non-Muslims
“This one case has gained a lot of media attention and so it should, it deservedly deserves it, but at the same time we are entering a new era - an era of counter-jihad. That’s what’s happening.
“What happened to this boy and what’s happening across this country is the religious persecution of non-Muslims. The reason for the attack, the reason for all the hostility is because they are non-Muslim. It’s not racial. It’s religious.
“That’s what era we’re entering. It’ll be looked back upon in history, across this country, as when British people stood up, they come together, they said enough is enough. “
A conspiracy of silence from the British police
“It is like…if you look at what is happening in our country, especially with these Muslim paedophile gangs, it is like an invading ideology have come to our country and started raping our women and nobody is doing nothing.
“That is how it seems. It seems…and although we take our hat off, Greater Manchester Police have recently turned the tide. They’re arresting these barbaric paedophiles. But, for thirty years there has been a conspiracy of silence from police leaders, to religious leaders to facilitate the rape of our kids in every single town and city that has a Muslim community. And that’s what’s happening.“
Heywood, Rochdale
“And people, I’ve seen people condemn what has happened in Rochdale two nights ago, yeah. Well I’m not going to stand here and I’m not going to condemn it. What I’m going to stand here and say is: what happened in Rochdale is inevitable. The men of the community will defend their community when the police failure to do it.
“Whilst we stand here today and we promote peaceful protest. We will always promote peaceful protest. But if you have Islamic paedophiles running chicken shops and driving taxis in your communities - I’m not going to condemn any man that wants to come out and deal with that. Because that’s what it needs.
“We’ve watched these paedophile rings from Telford to Blackpool to Rochdale and each time I see it, I’ve scratched my head and thought if - and it’s honest - if this was happening in Luton it will be going off, yeah? They are not getting away with this.
“And every man and woman that was local that took to the streets of Rochdale two nights ago, give yourself a pat on the back. Because it’s about f**king time! But at the same time the fight is not with the police. I saw police officers that were injured in that night. Right?
“The Muslims that killed – and they did kill, Charlene Downs are still running the same chicken shop. OK. They are still running it. This is orchestrated, criminal, paedophile gangs that are targeting, through their kebab shops, our girls and it’s about time Britain stood up to them. And two nights ago I watched and I listened and I read, that British were standing up to them. And that’s what we’ll do.”
In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot – Mark Twain
“And again, I don’t know who watched BBC3 the other day. Did anyone watch BBC3? Well, anyone who wonders why we exist now realises why we exist.
“A patriot is a scorned man, a hated man. That’s what most of us have been. I’ve been it for three years now, yeah? And when we succeed, the weak will join.
“And when people watched that documentary, they realise why we do what we do. Why we are here.
“I’ve had so many people approach me on the streets of Luton saying we’re coming to your next demo. We will be at your next demo, because it has opened their eyes.
“Now there‘s another documentary on Monday night. OK. It’s Channel four. It’s ‘Proud and Prejudiced’. I’m proud and that Muslim scumbag is prejudiced. That’s how it is.”
“Now, we know this documentary is not going…I will say another thing quickly, yeah, right. I don’t support the BNP. OK? I don’t support the BNP. I understand that frustrated individuals have been drawn to the BNP. Now, when I look at the leadership of the BNP, I don’t like him at all. I see the things he said in the past.
“I’m looking at a BNP poster in our crowd, yeah? And I want that down. I don’t blame the man that’s holding it. No, I don’t blame the man that’s holding it, because he’s probably frustrated, as all of us and misguided. There are so many natural patriots in the BNP. OK. I don’t blame him, but I don’t want to see it in the audience at the English Defence League. Because the BNP were forced to let non-white people join and we have not been forced, we embrace it. So take it down, gladly man.“
Channel 4 documentary
“Now, this documentary on channel four. What to expect from the documentary on channel four? Right, all we want is the truth yeah? Now I already know certain things that are in it. What you’ll see. I want to tell people what to expect. There will be times when I act like a little bit of a prick, because I am drunk, yeah. So what, we all do don’t we? I’m on there. We all do. But what I already know without seeing it that’s going to come out of it. It will show we are not racist. We have no problem with the colour of your skin. We have a problem with a fascist ideology that is masquerading as a religion throughout our land.”
A good year for the EDL
“And I can see the turnout today. I saw the turnout in Leicester. This is going to build up for a massive summer for the English Defence League. Where people realise what we stand for.
“And from here I welcome everybody to Luton on the 5th of May. I know it’s my hometown, but we did not pick Luton – Luton picked us.
“Luton has been chosen as the heart of militant Islam in Britain and we will take our movement to the town. We will show them what we stand for and we will show them whose streets they are, exactly whose streets they are.
“And one more word about this innocent lad that was attacked in this town. Our thoughts are with him. Everyone was disgusted, yeah? It’s happening in every town. OK. Mums are looking at their sons every Sunday morning from Muslim gangs. That’s what’s happening and we’ve come here to highlight it.
“At the same time I understand that the family has received threats. Because Islam rules with intimidation and fear - so that’s what they try to do. I ask you to look around you. Look at every man and woman next to you. Do you see any scared faces, people?
“We are not scared. We won’t be intimidated. We’ll continue to put Britain on the map. We will continue to highlight the causes of Islamic extremism and the fascist ideology that it is and we will spread across the country over the summer.
“I’ll say a thank you to local divisions. I say a thank you to all the people who have travelled. I say a thank you to the lady who has organised this demonstration. And a thank you, because within three years, when we first started out. We weren’t allowed to march. We were oppressed. We were treated like second-class citizens in our country. Today we thank Greater Manchester Police for recognising that we deserve the right to march. We are here for peace. We are here to protest…and we want to see no trouble lads, yeah? So we’ll leave as we came in.
“God bless you all. God bless our troops. I’ll hand you over to our next speaker. And everyone: channel four, ten o’clock. It’s going to be a good crack.”
Other speakers
Kevin Carroll, Linzi Massey, Tony Curtis and local lad Jamie also spoke at the demonstration.
Other recent EDL demonstrations
On 6 February 2012 the EDL held a demonstration outside Liverpool Crown Court to protest against Muslim paedophile grooming gangs.
On 4 February 2012 the EDL marched in Leicester to highlight the Rhea Page case.
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