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article imageOp-Ed: Rick Santorum’s malfeasance and political rot

By Lynn Herrmann     Feb 25, 2012 in Politics
Washington - In our weekly attempt at making sense of American political malfeasance, our focus shifts from Barack Obama’s ineptitude to bigotry associated with the country’s currently leading GOP presidential hopeful, one Rick Santorum.
The fact we’re even having a discussion over Rick Santorum is in itself an unmitigated disaster in America’s social discourse, yet here we are: another white male with his baby-killing ideology more than willing to force-feed it upon the general populace. At least upon the GOP populace. The white male GOP populace.
No doubt the "liberal elite” - you’ve just got to love it when commenters don’t know what they’re commenting about - are laughing their asses off over the circus which is Republican presidential material these days. This is, after all, the party which has given us Michele Bachmann, Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and the aforementioned Obama.
And Ron Paul, who claims he’s independent, but couldn’t make it as such, so now he’s riding on the repulsican lunatic bus. Only in America.
Newt, Mitt and Rick. Modern-day three stooges. The good news is they’ve robbed the spotlight which has been brightly shining on Israeli insecurities. Or maybe not.
Astoundingly, 38 percent of GOP voters support Santorum, if one believes in the magic of polls, and their headline-making abilities. That’s a lotta white boys. Wonder what the GOP women are thinking?
Although five years old, a report shows it’s highly unlikely the rot has lessened any, perhaps even intensifying. In its second annual report in 2006, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) listed Santorum as one of the top “Most Corrupt Members of Congress.” As in number three.
Common Dreams notes Santorum’s “Mister Rogers looks belie a demagogic social message which makes even Newt appear like a pillar of reasonableness and moderation.” God save us.
American sheople should be appalled over this buffoon, yet, in their perpetual sleep-walking mode, have made Santorum the current odds-on favorite to be the country’s next White House oddball.
Does the depth of America’s insanity know no boundaries? Apparently not, for 38 percent of GOP voters think his incoherent comments warrant being presidential material.
Here’s one of Santorum’s takes on world politics. “They know that oil is drying up. And they know that not building that pipeline we’re not going to have access to oil reserves. And they know they’re going to be more dependent upon OPEC and so what are we doing? We’re throwing Israel under the bus because we know we’re going to be dependent on OPEC. We’re going to say ‘Oh Iran, we don’t want you to get a nuclear weapon, wink, wink, nod, nod, go ahead just give us your oil,” as reported by Think Progress. See the video for yourself.
Or how about this one, as he describes the judicial branch of the American government. “I want to be responsive and I want to be respectful of the Constitution because there is a provision that judges are appointed for life. Now maybe we can create a court that puts them in Guam or something like that so they can keep their life appointments, and appoint a whole bunch of new judges to different circuits,” Huffington Post reports.
We will not approach his hardline view on women and babies - “abortion” for those sensitive to the word - at this time, but suffice to say his sexist and bigoted views on this topic are just as deranged as the two above examples cited on his political prowess.
In his latest piece, David Michael Green calls Santorum “an especially good role model for the morality this country needs,” citing the Pennsylvania politician’s ambitions even as the missus keeps her place in the home.
There is no limit to the apathy Americans have over a political structure ruling their very lives, yet are more than willing to be active participants in the weekly lows such a structure affords.
The bright side, if one can call it that, is as a Romney-Paul deal is rumored in the works, we can say adios to Santorum’s presidential quest. But not his political rot.
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