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article imageReview: What's to come in Britain's leading soap operas?

By Alexander Baron     Feb 25, 2012 in Entertainment
A false allegation of child abuse, surprise visitors to Albert Square, and more grief for a bereaved farmer's wife lie ahead in Britain's leading soaps.
There are several big plots unravelling in Coronation Street at the moment, and as with Britain's other soaps, some of the details have been leaked to the Digital Spy website, although this is no guarantee that the events outlined therein will happen in the given chronology or at all: sometimes plots are leaked that don't happen, and alternative endings are filmed, possibly in order to foil those who are privy to what's going on behind the scenes and who might seek to profit by a novelty flutter with a certain Mr William Hill. Here are some alternative endings from EastEnders that soap fans have uploaded to YouTube.
In the mythical Manchester suburb of Weatherfield, teenage mother Katy is feeling stressed out, and her father and the baby's father are not helping matters by each blaming the other for her apparently losing it. Things are not looking good for the local bookmaker, not only has he just made an enemy out of a regular punter by refusing to pay out on a £200 winning bet that he failed to stamp, but his rebellious son is about to accuse his mistress Carla of getting drunk and thumping him. The lady is certainly fond of a tipple, but that is hardly surprising as circumstances are forcing her to share office space with her business partner - the former lover who raped her then put on such an act that the jury acquitted him almost before the judge had finished summing up.
Needless to say, the child abuse allegations are proven false, but not before Carla is involved in a catfight in front of Frank (the rapist) Foster, much to his amusement, but he who laughs loudest laughs last.
Over in Emmerdale, having buried her husband, Moira decides to sell her farm, but her landlord refuses to buy it, much to her chagrin. Apart from that, there is not a lot happening, but how many murders, car crashes and babies left in telephone boxes can one tiny hamlet have?
In the less rustic setting of Walford, Phil Mitchell is still behind bars having been fitted up by his hate-filled psychotic son for a murder that never happened, while the many times married Ian Beale sees the arrival of his prospective mother-in-law, and the return of one of Phil's former loves is promised. Not the wife he didn't murder nor the one who died in a car crash in South Africa, who also happened to be Ian Beale's mother, but the ex-wife of his brother, who was the adopted daughter of the former landlord of the pub where Phil now lives (when he isn't in clink), said former landlord being murdered twice then buried under the pub by his second wife, the one he married after he was murdered the first time. Complicated, ain't it?
The promised murder of launderette lady Heather Trott by Ben Mitchell hasn't yet materialised, but in the real world there is a murder trial running at present with an EastEnders connection. A year ago, almost to the day, 86 year old Jean Jobson was found battered to death in Bromley, South London. Brian Altman QC, who prosecuted serial killer Levi Bellfield (twice), is also handling this case at the Central Criminal Court. In the dock is a 46 year old woman described as a crack addict. Karen Williamson has also appeared in EastEnders as an extra. Her trial will probably finish next week. Whatever the verdict, her acting career appears to be over for good.
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