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article imageOp-Ed: Abū Qatāda — the man the Grand Conspiracy can't kill

By Alexander Baron     Feb 24, 2012 in World
According to proponents of the Grand Conspiracy, the Order of the Illuminati controls the world already. Abū Qatāda is living proof it doesn't.
The latest news about this enigmatic character concerns the anonymity afforded his landlord, who appears to have been kept in the dark about his new tenant. But what do we know about him, and why has he been so much in the news of late? More to the point, why isn't he long gone, by fair means or foul?
According to that font of all knowledge Wikipedia, Abū Qatāda al-Filisṭīnī was born at Bethlehem, although apparently not in a stable - this is a real life soap opera, not Coronation Street. Although he has committed no criminal offence in this country, for the past ten years he has been giving the British Government one almighty headache. In October 2002, he was ordered by then Home Secretary David Blunkett to be detained without trial indefinitely under Britain's already Draconian anti-terrorist legislation. Although there has been reams of this drafted in Britain, the United States and elsewhere since the 9/11 atrocities, detention without trial is not a new phenomenon in these islands. Leaving aside the historical context, enemy aliens were interned during the First World War and British nationals during the Second World War, the latter under Regulation 18b, something that was described as “in the highest degree odious”.
During the so-called Troubles in Northern Ireland, both internment without trial and Diplock Courts were introduced. Named after Lord Diplock, these legal proceedings involved the suspension of trial by jury and adjudication by a solitary judge, a dangerous procedure indeed for civil liberties, but due to the nature of both Republican and Loyalist terrorism, there was little choice.
Returning to Abū Qatāda, he is routinely described as one of the most dangerous men if not the most dangerous man in Britain, which begs the question, why has he just been released, albeit under the most Draconian house arrest provisions ever seen in this country? Because, apparently, rather than being dangerous in the same way as serial killer Levi Bellfield or the recently convicted Carl Whant, Qatāda is in reality only potentially dangerous. Broadly speaking, there are three accusations levelled against him:
1) That he has delivered unpleasant sermons and similar homilies, which might be described as hate speech, including praising the late and unlamented Osama Bin Laden.
2) That he has incited murders and terrorist acts.
3) That he has taken an active part in terrorism.
Praising Osama Bin Laden and other terrorists and murderers may be bad taste, but in the United States anyway it has never been and hopefully never will be illegal. In any case, black humour including jokes about 9/11 can be found all over the Internet. While it may have been considered extremely poor taste to relate them at Ground Zero on the 10th anniversary, even the sickest of jokes have their place.
As well as the usual enemies of devout men with long beards - the Great Satan, International Zionism and Pink Paper subscribers - Qatāda is said at one point to have called upon Moslems to kill the wives and children of Egyptian police and army officers.
If this is true, then like the Westboro Baptist Church he is not bigoted, he simply hates everybody, which begs two questions:
1) Why does anyone support him?
2) Why is he still alive?
The second question requires some qualification. According to the proponents of the Grand Conspiracy, any enemy of the New World Order up to and including the President of the United States, can be rubbed out at the drop of a hat. Don't forget, they killed JFK; they killed Dr David Kelly; they were behind 9/11; according to David Icke, they can even control the weather. Oh, and the only reason they haven't killed Alex Jones is because to do so would make him a martyr. Right?
So why is such a dangerous and obviously undesirable human being as Abū Qatāda still breathing? It can't be they are afraid of turning him into a martyr, not after killing Osama Bin Laden twice! Qatāda is currently being monitored by some sixty police officers who could be better employed policing London's streets or even following John Terry in case he utters a racial expletive. Think of the expense if nothing else, yet at this very moment, the British Government, which includes George (Bilderberger) Osborne is engaged in high powered negotiations with the Jordanian Government to return him to the country where he has already been convicted albeit in absentia of real crimes and sentenced to life imprisonment at hard labour.
Couldn't they at least have arranged for him to confess to some crime in Britain as Kent Police did for Michael Stone? Or framed him for conspiracy to murder as the FBI did Edgar Steele? Obviously not. Then why not? Just as obviously because this all-pervasive conspiracy does not really exist. They did not kill JFK; Lee Harvey Oswald did. They did not orchestrate 9/11; that was done by a group of self-styled martyrs who are at this moment wondering where are their 72 black-eyed virgins as they burn in Everlasting Hell.
So is there no conspiracy at all? Yes and no. Although there are many types of conspiracies, broadly speaking there are two kinds. The first are small, grubby affairs usually at a low or a very low level, consisting of men and women who carry out some illegal and often clandestine act. When the police or other agencies are involved, such conspiracies can operate only on a small scale because they cannot be sanctioned by the government due to their illegality, although some are quasi-legal. A good example of this can be found in the the revelations of Mark Kennedy, the undercover police officer who had a change of heart. Although Kennedy's activities involved low level law breaking, there can be no doubt whatsoever that similar operations have involved not so low level law breaking, but murder? A government that can murder people with impunity is not a conspiracy, it is a tyranny, although an exception appears to have been made for the Israeli Government, as in the Flotilla massacre, and the untypically inept January 2010 murder of Mahmoud al Mabhouh in Dubai by Mossad agents.
The other type of conspiracy can involve hundreds, thousands or even millions of people, but only as passive participants. Rather than a conspiracy, this is best described as an ideology or even a delusion; the war on drugs is one such delusion on a grand scale. Examples of passive conspiracies are those that involve slavery, enforced prostitution or child labour. They operate openly or more or less openly, and while the people who could do something about them look the other way. Such conspiracies if they be so called have operated throughout history.
Whatever its continuity with the original Order of the Illuminati of 1776, the New World Order is one such perverted ideology. Call it a conspiracy if you will, but its major players have neither the ability nor the stomach to murder the likes of Abū Qatāda, JFK or anyone else. They do though have both the ability and the mindset to start wars - as they did in Iraq - on totally specious pretexts, and in so doing kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of innocent people, including the finest flower of their own youth. The reason they have the ability to do this is because the people who could stop them don't. Those people are us.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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