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article imageAn edible Oscar in 3D is on the Governors Ball menu Special

By Tim O'Brien     Feb 23, 2012 in Entertainment
In keeping up with the times, Oscar is edible in 3D after the show at the annual Governors Ball, which takes place immediately following Sunday's Oscar telecast.
Not only that, it was learned that Tony Bennett will perform. "Tony Bennett is that rare artist who truly reaches across generations," said Academy president Tom Sherak. "Welcoming him to the Ball is an honor and privilege."
At the annual Food and Beverage Preview today, Wolfgang Puck and his staff officially showed off his menu to an eager array of press from around the world.
On this day, members of the press got an exclusive look, close up, of what Puck will offer the guests. An huge array of food is on display and the throng of photographers and reporters from around the globe gather to partake, ask questions, and then, file stories.
In between, a fellowship of sorts develops, as Puck and staff never disappoint.
On this day were representatives from Moet, the official provider of spirits, the envelope designer (more later) and those involved in the design and flow of the Governors Ball.
Always a hit are the chocolate covered Oscars, laced with actual gold sprinkles, which Puck, bites the head off, and then explains his choice of delicacies. Each year, one has to be reminded that consuming such a small amount of gold sprinkles is not harmful. Puck could be heard muttering, "always bite off the head" as the press was in waiting for exactly that. Some even chanted that he do that, because he always does. The mini cheeseburgers are also a hit, not only to the press gathered, but the attendees themselves.
One item of note, right off the bat, is the edible 3D Oscar. Puck and his chefs are well known for creating all edible items and this one fits the bill. The edible 3D Oscar display is, just that, all edible. It features an Oscar statuette on an ascending red staircase. It looks like a prop, or a souvenir, until, one takes a bite. Each one is also equipped with the standard 3D glasses, known to most of us who venture in the multi-plex to catch one on screen.
Throughout this event, the press is given the opportunity to taste many samples from the waiters and waitresses walking around. Not only that, Puck's personal staff also gives samples.
"We are so excited to help create a new energy for the Governors Ball this year," said Puck. "With fantastic California ingredients, a few luxuries, and some favorite comfort foods, there will truly be something for everyone, and inspiration for anyone hosting a party at home. We are happy to celebrate Hollywood's brightest stars and most accomplished artists with our culinary artistry."
Meanwhile Moet, not only gives samples and interviews, too, the representatives also give a rarity - - a chance to watch their concoction's being made - - and then served, on camera, if so desired.
Cherly Cecchetto, along with her Sequoia Productions team, will work with Governors Ball Chair Jeffrey Kurland to manage every detail pertaining to the event, including d├ęcor, entertainment, food and personnel.If one thinks it is not an easy task, one would be correct. Cecchetto herself said she was looking to make the event progressive and comfortable. "If you think it's like going shopping and looking for trends, that was my approach" she said. With that she also noted there are a lot of extra waiters and waitresses and that makes for a challenging evening. She said she wanted it to be a place where "no one would want to leave."
It will feature a different feel than previous years because it will include smaller, white, cloth-covered tables, with a lounger nestled up on one side, along with silver chairs, on the other. That is not the usual long tables and that was her idea. Also, many colors will fill the room in what she called "progressive."
"This year's design not only complements the theme of the Ball, but also is a chic and simple canvas for intimate conversations and freedom of movement," said Cecchetto. "Guests will experience Wolfgang Puck's tasting menu and the evening's musical entertainment with a backdrop of relaxed glamour."
Today's preview is a fast and chaotic event, but serves this purpose. To get the word out to the world that Oscar is healthy, bold and in tune with the times.
Ultimately, that is up to the viewer.
* As for who get to partake in this bevy of fine dining are those who attend the Academy Awards. This means all the nominees, plus those in attendance and those who work behind the scenes. It is an industry event and thus, the general public is not allowed in to watch, but those who do get in, get to dine as well. That is friends, family, agents, etc. It's the place to make sure you have business cards or an email handy. It elevates small talk into an art form. It also provides those who do not want to head out in to the nightlife after the show, to stay and partake there.
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