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article imageOp-Ed: More bailout madness for Greece

By Alexander Baron     Feb 21, 2012 in Politics
An agreement has been reached to bail out Greece for the second time, goes the script, but who is being bailed out, and who is paying the price?
Overnight February 20/21, an agreement was reached to save Greece from defaulting on its massive international debts, or so the powers-that-be would have us believe. The reality is somewhat different. On the BBC's news channel at lunch time, one talking head said the way had been cleared for Greece to receive a bailout loan. Again, the reality is somewhat different. Somewhat? Massively. What has really happened? The so-called second bailout for Greece will result in the country making over E100 billion in cuts, a reduced minimum wage, and redundancies in the public sector. That is the price Greece will pay. As for the bailout money, that won't go to Greece at all, but to the banksters, fund managers and others who have done what exactly? Shuffled around pieces of paper.
That is the bottom line, this is all the bankers and politicians have done since this so-called crisis began, literally shuffled around pieces of paper. Fuller details of the indignities the people of Greece are to be subjected to can be found here.
Notice that reference to monitors from the EU, the IMF and the ECB. Who will monitor what, exactly? More to the point, who is going to pay these monitors: the people of Greece, the taxpayers of Europe? How has Greece and how have any of us allowed this madness to happen in the first place?
Let no one have any doubt, the rhetoric may be that this is necessary to save Greece, but what we are really seeing is the banksters and their political front men and dupes trying desperately to prop up the corrupt debt-based money system. The money must be kept flowing at any price, including austerity and social deprivation in Greece on a massive scale. And let no one have any doubt, if we allow them to get away with it in Greece, they will do the same to Italy, Spain, Portugal, Britain, and everywhere else. Check this out to see what they have already done to America.
On the BBC lunchtime news there was one voice of reason, the Conservative MP John Redwood, who has long argued that Greece must leave the Euro. It must indeed. This would involve taking back its sovereignty and printing its own money. As for all these so-called loans that Greece has been given and would default on, most of this money was created by the stroke of a pen at no cost to the lender. Greece should repay them in the same coin, ie nothing. Anyone who disputes that claim should ask Ben Dyson.
This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of
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