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article imageNewt Gingrich: 'Defeating Obama is a matter of national security'

By JohnThomas Didymus     Feb 21, 2012 in Politics
Oklahoma City - According to Republican Presidential candidate and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, defeating Obama at the November poll is a matter of urgent national security because he is the "most dangerous president in modern American history."
CBS News reports Gingrich said this while discussing the threat of Iran before a large and enthusiastic crowd of about 4,000 people in a basket ball arena at the Oral Roberts University campus on Monday. Gingrich said defeating Obama was " fact, a duty of national security...Because the fact is, he is incapable of defending the United States.” USA Today reports he said about Obama, "You can't put a gun rack in a volt."
ABC News reports that Gingrich described Obama, who ordered raids that killed Osama bin Laden and most of al-Qaeda's top leaders, as particularly weak in facing the threat of radical Islamic terrorists. According to MSNBC, Gingrich told his youthful audience that they were facing the risk "someday in your lifetime of losing an American city," that is, American cities are facing the threat of being wiped out in a terrorist attack because Obama's administration refuses to acknowledge the reality of radical Islamists willing to harm the U.S.
CBS News comments, however, that in-spite of Gingrich's assessment of Obama on foreign policy and fighting terrorism, the American public awards him generally high marks.
But Gingrich, expressing his views, said: “All of you should be very deeply concerned about national security. Barack Obama is the most dangerous president in modern American history."
He said that because the Obama administration was unwilling to acknowledge the threat from radical Islamists it was displaying "willful dishonesty" in its account of what motivated the suspected terrorist from Morocco, who was arrested on Friday by FBI agents for allegedly plotting a suicide bomb attack on the Capitol.
Gingrich, according to ABC News, said: “Any honest person knows what motivated the person who came here.This is not smearing everybody, this is not Islamaphobia. If we can’t have honest conversation about radical Islamists and we can’t figure out — there is a very specific group of people across the planet — there’s a very specific desire to kill us.”
Gingrich was possibly criticizing the statement by a U.S. attorney assigned to the case that said the Moroccan man "allegedly believed he was working with al-Qaeda." In Gingrich's view, such statement reflects an unwillingness in the Obama administration to say exactly what motivated the Moroccan because, according to Gingrich, under the Obama administration, it would be "highly inappropriate to describe what motivated (him) because that would somehow be politically incorrect."
Gingrich said further that Obama's administration was "intellectually disarmed" and "morally disarmed" and thus incapable of saying in plain words the threats that face the United States.
Gingrich also accused Obama's administration of an anti-Israel policy. He said: “The president wants to unilaterally weaken the United States, he wants to cut the aide to Israel for its anti-ballistic missile defense, he refuses to take Iran seriously. We are in a world that is very dangerous. And I say this to those of you who represent the next generation because you’re going to bear the consequences.”
MSNBC reports Gingrich, speaking a few hours after the White House announced that Obama would meet the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu next month, said: "No American can second-guess an Israeli prime minister on the matter of survival." He said, therefore, Obama's message to the Iranians should make it clear to them that, " need to stop your program before you get hit, because you should be under no illusions. If you refuse to stop your program, long before it is completed you are going to get hit, and we are not in any way going to stop the Israelis from defending themselves."
Gingrich campaigning ahead of Super Tuesday
USA Today reports Gingrich has lost ground in polls since Rick Santorum surged to the forefront of the Republican presidential nomination race in recent weeks. Gingrich has not been campaigning in Michigan due to hold a primary on February 28, rather he has been raising money and campaigning in Oklahoma.
Oklahoma is one of the several states that will hold GOP primaries on March 6, Super Tuesday. According to The Atlantic Journal Constitution (AJC), Gingrich is looking to Oklahoma as "fertile ground." He is "betting that Oklahoma Republicans....are culturally similar to their Georgia counterparts..." The AJC reports Gingrich is hoping to "score big" on Super Tuesday and revive his campaign that has scored a primary victory only in South Carolina.
Gingrich held rallies in Tulsa and Oklahoma City on Monday and will address the Oklahoma Legislature on Tuesday morning. Gingrich's hope to do well in Oklahoma is hinged on the fact that it is one of the "reddest" states in the United States. About 70 percent of Oklahoma Republicans identify themselves as evangelical Christians. AJC quotes GOP pollster Pat McFerrron, saying: "Really what this battle is in Oklahoma for the next two weeks is between Gingrich and Santorum to see if any one of them can consolidate the anti-Romney vote."
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