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Interview with personal branding expert Kim Garst Special

By Cendrine Marrouat     Feb 20, 2012 in Technology
Kim Garst is part of Forbes' Top 50 social media influencers. She has just released a new book, titled "The Quick and Easy Guide to Branding Your Business and Creating Massive Sales with Pinterest."
Cendrine Marrouat: Hello Kim, thank you for answering my questions. How have things been for you since you made it to the Top 50 on Forbes this year?
Kim Garst: Simply amazing! It was quite an honor to be named to Forbes “Who Are The Top 50 Social Media Power Influencers?” list. It is an amazing thing to find yourself on a Forbes list for one and two, to be on a list with so many incredible people. I am more focused than ever on my mission of being authentic, providing great social media content and resources and continuing to connect with amazing new people every day.
CM: Why did you decide to write "The Quick and Easy Guide to Branding Your Business and Creating Massive Sales with Pinterest"?
KG: I immediately saw the marketing potential of Pinterest. However, when I started researching to see what information there was about using Pinterest from a branding and/or marketing perspective; I discovered that there was very little information about using Pinterst from this angle. I saw an opportunity to get the word out about what an amazing opportunity Pinterest is for businesses to brand themselves and generate massive sales.
CM: Pinterest has been around since 2010, but only started to take off about six months ago. Why is that, according to you?
KG: I think businesses are just beginning to see how Pinterest can relate and be used from a business perspective. This is my overall goal; continuing to educate business owners with specific ideas that will help them build their brand awareness and ultimately increase sales.
CM: What makes Pinterest such a great platform for brands? Any tip to share?
KG: Pinterest is great opportunity for brands because it can be a portal for their products, services and even their content. It is a chance to lead with content and let social interaction take a secondary role. Brands will be able to see what people care about instead of who they care about. The market research alone could be invaluable to brands.
My top three tips:
1. Images are more effective than text as an engagement tool so I would encourage everyone to connect their Pinterest content to their Facebook profiles.
2. Add the “Follow Me On Pinterest” button to your site. The neat thing about this is that this will allow you to segment your followers. They may follow distinct boards based on the way you theme them instead of following ‘all’ your boards.
3. Pin your products and your content to themed boards on Pinterest with shortened links that allow you to track your Pinterest traffic. Make sure that you are presenting your products, services and content in a visually appealing way because this is what will draw people’s eye. They aren’t reading the subtext in other words. Stand out, be creative and most of all; be unique!
CM: Who are some of your favorite Pinterest users and why?
KG: I love Whole Foods. Who doesn’t eat, right? They have so many amazing pictures, recipes and general themed ideas.
I love WestElm for home related ideas and Real Simple is a great well rounded brand that provides creative ideas from a variety of themed boards. I am also watching them to generate my own ideas.
CM: How have you used social media to create a buzz about your new eBook?
KG: I have been using Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest primarily as ways to generate ‘buzz’. I held a contest on Pinterest and plan to do another in the near future as that was incredibly effective. I am tweeting about it and of course, sharing quotes from the reviews on Facebook and Twitter. There is no substitute for a personal recommendation!
CM: Where can people find more information about "The Quick and Easy Guide to Branding Your Business and Creating Massive Sales with Pinterest"?
KG: You can find the book “The Quick and Easy Guide to Branding Your Business and Creating Massive Sales with Pinterest” on Amazon.
CM: Any last words?
KG: Cendrine, I appreciate you for reaching out and initiating this interview! Thank you so much for taking the time, effort and energy to make this happen.
End of the interview.
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