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article imageThe sad tale of Robert Green

By Alexander Baron     Feb 20, 2012 in Crime
Stonehaven - Anti-abuse campaigner Robert Green has been gaoled for a year for handing out leaflets, at least that is what his supporters say. As usual, the truth isn't that simple.
If the identity of one of Robert Green's most prominent supporters is revealed as David Icke, all will become clear. For those not in the know, this article includes a sanitised, anonymised summary of the story up until last September.
For those who have the time and desire to research it in detail, there are many videos on YouTube and rants all over the web, but the prosaic truth can be found on the Hollie Greig website. In the words of the sheriff who sentenced Green on Friday: “it is sad to see someone of your age indulging in such completely unacceptable activity, with no regard for the rule of law, accusing innocent people of paedophile behaviour and murder! and taking it upon yourself to administer the law. You are a person obsessed with your own importance”.
The sentence of 9 months and 3 months may sound harsh but he has had more than fair warning; to brand innocent people child abusers is a very serious matter, and to make these sort of allegations against half the legal establishment in Scotland on the uncorroborated testimony of a mentally retarded woman and her schizophrenic mother is asking for trouble.
The problem though is that rather than shutting him and his equally obsessive supporters up, this sentence will simply convince them that the establishment conspiracy of serial abuse and murder is even more deeply entrenched than they had originally conceived. Robert Green sounds extremely plausible and rational, but neither his plausibility nor his apparent rationality should allow him to deceive us.
We should though be grateful that the boot is not on the other foot, because when the state is the accuser rather than the victim, we see truly shocking injustices and abuses of power, as in the McMartin pre-school case, which led to the unwarranted persecution of a group of totally innocent people at the hands of prosecuting lawyers who like Robert Green, were too obsessive and self-important to admit they were wrong.
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